Lord of the Rings Party

Lord of the Rings - Join the Fellowship




Catherine in Front Royal, Virginia


Feb 2003


Honorable Mention

Lord of the Rings party:

For invitations, we designed cards on our computer, using lord of the rings pictures and saying "You are invited to join the Fellowship" and then on the inside "on their journey to destroy the Ring." We asked everyone to come as one of the characters.

We decorated our living room as Lothlorien with golden leaves hanging from the ceiling on fishing line (clear) and also had leaves on the floor. We painted trees, using silver/gray and white poster paint on butcher paper, and used yellow balloons as their tops. We used a silver pitcher and bowl for Galadriels water basin. We used a large length of light blue fabric coming off a table and opening up wider onto the floor for a waterfall/stream look. We put flower garlands around the room (6 foot ones that you can find at the dollar tree). In our dining room we set up an outdoor canopy and put up a big sign "Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins". With a lot of balloons. We put our table under here for eating.

For food we had: Aragorn's Ale=gingerale, Galadriel's Goodies=cookies, Boromir's Bread and cheese=bread and cheese, Frodo's Fruitcups=fruit salad served in disposable cups, Sam's Salad=salad, Orc Oatcakes=honey oatcakes, Merry and Pippin's Pickins'=mushrooms and carrots, Legolas' Lembas=crescent rolls, Arwen's Stewed Rabbit and Herbs=chicken stew. (We made little signs for all the food).

We made a round cake and iced it with yellow icing and then outlined just around the top edge (about 2 inches in from the edge) with a darker yellow and then used orange icing and did the script like on the ring. Basically if you were looking down on the cake it would look like the ring was on top but near the edge. On the inside of the ring I wrote "Happy Birthday".

For games: we had an archery contest (with a child's play bow and arrow set) using an orc picture as the target. We had printed out quotes from the movie (a copy for each child) and they had to figure out who said what. Some of the girls recited poems from the book.

For another game, we had hidden gold rings (the kind used at weddings, buy at craft store) around the room, the object was for everyone to find and keep one ring, one of them had a mark on the inside and if you found that one you won a prize. For game prizes we had Lord of the Rings bookmarks (these were nice in a plastic cover) and kites of Frodo and Gandalf. For goody bags, we gave everyone one of the Burger King Fellowship of the Ring figures (we did our best to match this with the character they came dressed as), a bookmark (the double-sided ones) as well as candy.

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