Littlest Pet Shop Party

Littlest Pet Party -6yr- Pet Trick Charades




Stacey in California, MD, USA


February 2007


Honorable Mention

My daughter (age 6) loves the Littlest Pet Shop toys but there is no such thing as a Littlest Pet Shop party, so we came up with one.

We started with invitations, I stamped black spots all over white cardstock added some red ribbon across the center, some diamond shaped brads and a dog tag and we had instant puppy invites. Inside the invitation read _______ is 42! (in dog years that is) Join us at a Littlest Pet Shop party, its sure to be a pawfectly fun time. We included all the pertinent party info and asked guests to arf.s.v.p.

I printed out pictures of my daughters favorite LPS characters for wall decorations as well as blue and green paw prints to put on the floors and walls. We used some of the party supplies (plates, napkins, streamers) from The Dog" set because it used the same blue and green colors and many of the items just had pawprints on them. We decorated with royal blue and lime green curling ribbon and streamers.

When the girls arrived they went straight to the "Grooming Salon" where I had cut collars for each girl out of craft foam. Before hand I made dog tags with each girls name on it and tied it with ribbon to the collar. The girls decorated their collars with sticky gems and we used velcro to close the collar. I also pre-made puppy ears for each girl. I cut ear shapes from black brown and white felt and sewed it to 1/4 elastic bands. The girls looked great and we gathered them for a picture in front of my daughters "doghouse" (a pop up playtent with a sign stuck on the front).

Once the girls were properly attired we started the games - most were puppy related. We put on some puppy tunes and played limbo under the fence. I cut out a white picket fence and taped it to a broom handle for the girls to limbo under. Next they played fetch the slipper. I had gathered ahead of time enough (clean) slippers for each girl to have two. I put their names in masking tape on the bottom of the slippers and hid them all around the party area. The girls were only allowed to bring me the slippers with their own name.

Next we popped in the puppy tunes again and played musical dog house. The playtent we used had a back door so the girls could go in one end and out the other. When the music stopped the girl in the doghouse got a bouncy ball to put in her doggie bag.

At this point we took a break for lunch:  hot dogs rawhide bones 2 kinds of puppy kibble and of course puppies need water. The rawhide bones were refrigerated breadsticks with knots tied in each end before baking. Puppy kibble #1 was just mixed dried fruit #2 was muddy buddies made from Chex cereal. I purchased dog bowls to put the puppy kibble on the table in and the girls loved digging in the dog bowls to get their food.

After lunch we played pet trick charades. I put commands like sit fetch roll over beg speak etc on cards and the girls took turns acting out the commands. Once they got their friends to guess what "trick" they were doing they received a whistle. After presents the girls enjoyed a little "Dirt Cake" because everyone knows puppies love digging in the flower beds. The girls loved the cake and ate nearly the whole thing even the gummy worms. At the end of the party each girl was allowed to adopt their own LPS pet at the "Adoption Center": I took the LPS pets out of their packaging and put them in on of those craft/hardware storage boxes with the clear plastic drawers. It looked just like they were at the pet store. Ahead of time my daughter named each pet and we printed out adoption certificates on the LPS website. The girls came in selected a pet and we put it in her doggie bag along with two pet toys (they come with) and the adoption certificate.

At the end of the party the girls took home their goodies in chinese takeaway containers (the doggie bags)."

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