Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo and Stitch 6yr - Poison Fish Game




Spencer in Sunbury, PA     United States


June 2004


Honorable Mention

For my son Noah's 6th birthday, he wanted a Lilo & Stitch party. We decided to make it a Lilo & Stitch luau. I reserved the social hall at our church and the fun began! I purchased our main party supplies at Party City. They have a great luau selection!

We decorated all of our tables with a centerpiece of Lilo & Stitch balloons tied to matching balloon weights. We used seashells around the base of the weights. Each place setting had a chocolate palmtree lollipop as a favor. We decorated the hall with tropical decorations such as palm trees, flamingos, fish, etc.

When guests arrived, they found a sign on the door saying "Welcome to Noah's Coconut Hut!". When the guests came inside, my son was at the door to put a lei around their neck and I was there to pin their nametags on. I used sheets of craft foam and cut out pineapples, tropical fish, suns, and palmtrees and used a sharpie to write their names on them. Hot glue and a pinback completed them. They were then escorted to their seats to await the other guests.

When everyone arrived, we started the games. We played pin the coconut on the palm tree. I made a giant palm tree out of posterboard and small coconuts from a clipart program. Each coconut had a child's name on it, and we blindfolded them. They had a ball trying to get the coconut in the right spot.

Next we played the "poison" fish game. I purchased a beach ball in the shape of a fish and the children stood in a circle passing the ball around. I stood behind a curtain so I couldn't see them and yelled "poison". Whoever was holding the fish had just been "stung" and sat down. We did it until we had 1 child left and he got to take home the beach ball.

The last game was an inflatable flamingo ring toss game. I purchased tropical paint by number & color by number art sets for the prizes.

After the games were over, each child got to make a sand art sandcastle to take home. I purchased small sandcastle bottles from Oriental Trading and bought colored sand and funnels at a craft store. That was their favorite activity of the day!

Then it was time to eat! In keeping with our luau theme, we had fresh fruit and vegetables w/ dip. I made finger jello and cut it with fish shaped cookie cutters. We had traditional chips, pretzels, & cheese curls served in asst. tropical shaped bowls. The punch had tropical shaped icecubes(found at the dollar store) floating it in.

The cake was made by a woman in our area that is well known for her cakes. She did a fabulous job with a Stitch design. After eating, we had a Lilo & Stitch pinata for the kids to enjoy. It was a pullstring one(much safer!). After grabbing their candy, they watched my son open his gifts.

When it was time to leave, they all received a Lilo & Stitch goody bag with a Hershey bar wrapped in a Lilo & Stitch wrapper I ordered from online, a bottle of Aloha bubbles, a tropical fish notepad, luau pencil, & tropical stamper(all purchased from Oriental Trading!). My son had a great time and is already thinking up a theme for next year!

The kids had fun as well as the parents, and I got 2 party planning jobs out of it!

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