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Lilo and Stitch 4yr - Beach Blanket Relay




Shonja in Charlotte, NC -USA


July 2003


Special Mention

My daughter fell in love with the Disney movie "Lilo and Stitch".  So, I decided to give her a Lilo and Stitch theme party for her 4th birthday..  I knew that I would want to play the movie during the party so I planned a Lilo and Stitch/Hawaiian Movie Party.  So my daughter received two parties in one. 

INVITATIONS: I used cardstock to create a movie ticket.  On one side I found a clip art of a film camera and I printed the words MOVIE in bold. One the reverse side I put the party info:  "Now Showing at _____'s Luau Birthday Theatre----Lilo and Stitch; Pre-movie activites begin at (time) and showtime is at (time)---Date---Address.  At the bottom of the ticket I printed P.S. Wear your favorite Hawaiian/ Luau attire.  I also printed they should bring the ticket with them so they could be admitted into the theatre. 

DECORATIONS:  I poured a small bag of sand around the tree in my front yard--put plastic sea cratures and a sand pail in the sand. I placed a surf board in the sand and leaned it on the tree.  I put  a sign on the surfboard that said ALOHA.  Inside the house was decorated with inflatable palm tress and tiki lights and candles.  For the party I transformed my family room into a theatre with widescreenT.V with surround sound (gives the feel of a real theatre).  In the center of the room I placed a plastic blue tarp on the floor represented the ocean and also it helped to protect the carpet from spills and food. I put beach towels and beach chairs on the tarp so the kids could lounge, eat and enjoy the movie.  I also decorated this room with palm trees, balloons and other luau themed items. 

The entrance into the theatre room was decorated with a large poster of Lilo and Stitch-- over the picture I placed a sign that said "NOW PLAYING" I tranformed my kitchen/dining room area into the theater's "Tropical Snack Shack"  I wrapped the tables with raffia table skirts and put a few tropical themed items on the table. At entrance of the "Snack Shack" I posted the menu so the children could get an idea of what they wanted.  . I stocked the Snack Shack with individual snack size treats such as twizzlers, sour patch kids, snickers, butterfingers, milkduds, juice boxes, tropical fruit cups (Dole's), popcorn,etc.  Instad of purchasing plates for their food, I got a local theatre to donate the kid food carry out boxes.  The boxes were perfect because it was easy for the kids to carry/handle their food while watching the movie.  

ACTIVITIES:  To set the mood of the party I played Hawaiian/Luau music in the background.  When the guest arrived my daugter and I greeted them with Aloha and we placed a lei around their neck.  In addition we gave them a Name tag with their name written in English and their Hawaiian name (found the names on the internet--Google.com:KEYWORD--Hawaiian Names).  In exchange for the movieticket/invitations each guest received a book of movie coupons.  (coupons were made on my computer)  A few of the coupons were redeemable for one free drink(Hawaiian Punch, one free order of Nachos and Cheese or hotdog with chilli and/or free popcorn(mini bags from Orville Reddenbacher).  The other coupons were for candy or snacks of their choice.  While waiting for the other guest to arrive the children were directed to the craft table to make "sand jars".  Instead of sand we poured various kinds of presweetened drink mix in layers in a clean baby food jar.  The jars were sealed and decorated. Later the children played a few movie-related games--

"Beach Blanket Relay":This is a version of musical chairs but instead of chairs the children had to get on a towel when the music stopped. "Stitch" for Your Prize(found on the web):  Stitch is known for his detructive behavior.   This game permitted the children to portray Stitch without destroying my home.  I inserted small light weight party favors (stickers, food certificates, money) in the opening of the balloon before it was blown up. Also,I blew up several balloons that were empty or just had confetti in them.  When it was time I through the balloons all over the game room.  When signaled everyone was allowed to search for the balloons and had to pop the balloon by sitting on, jumping on, kicking it, etc.  When they popped the balloon they should have received a treat, just air or confetti.  It was noisy but fun and the kids loved the treats and were able to act like Stitch without getting into "trouble". 

Final game was "Fishing for Sea Creatures":  This game was played outside because the children had to "fish" for small plastic sea creatures(plastic fish, shells, sand dollars,etc.) in a large bucket of water.  Before I placed the sea creatures in the water I wrote A,B or C on each.  I also put in other objects that were not sea creatures such as crayons, blocks, trucks,etc. Then I filled three corresponding grocery bags with small inexpensive toys.  The children were blind folded and had to try and fish out a sea creature and what ever letter was on the creature they were allowed to draw a prize out of the corresponding prize bag. This was a fun learning game beacause the children had to use their sense of touch to find the sea creatures and not the other gadgets. 

Afterwards it was almost time for the movie to begin.  The children were directed to the "Snack Shack" to get their drinks and snacks of their choice using their free coupons.  Then they were directed in to the theatre room, chose a chair or beach towel to sit--the lights were dimmed and the show was started!  The movie last for approx. one hour.  After 1/2 hour, I stopped the movie for a short intermission so the kids could use the restroom, to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter and cut the birthday cake( most children requested to take the cake home because they were still eating their snacks)and get more snacks.  We returned to the theatre room and continued the movie until the end.

FAVORS: Each guest received a plastic sand pail filled with sunglasses, I sheet of Lilo and Stitch stickers, leftover treats from the "Snack Shack".  In addition they were able to take their flower leis, the sand jars, I made mini Lilo and Stitch coloring books (downloaded from the internet)--to carry out the movie theme I gave each one a free movie rental certificate from a local movie rental store(redeemable for one movie of their choice) and a bag of microwave popcorn. 

THANK YOU NOTES:  Before each child left they took a instant Polaroid picture on the surfbord outside--then I personalized with the child's name and the party information.This party may seem expensive but you must "smart shop" (buy in bulk, clearance and sale items)Fun was had by all who attended and I hope my ideas can be used to allow your child to have one of the best birthday parties ever!! ENJOY

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