Lilo and Stitch Party

Hawaiian 4-6yr - Hawaiian Shirt Invitations




Cherie in Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada


April 2006



For my Childrens 6th & 4th Birthday party (born 1 day apart) We decided to have a Hawaiian Party.

We made the invitations to look like hawaiian shirts that open in the center with a real button closure. The invites were made with card stock and then flower print fabric glued to the outside to look like a real Hawaiian shirt, when opened we invited the guests (35 children) to wear their best beach wear, time place etc.

There birthday is in October and in BC it tends to be cold so we planned on all being inside. We bought rolls of paper from Ikea and then painted what was to look like waves and then taped on the walls mid way up. Under the waves we laminated fish that we had colored and cut out and then taped under the waves ( probably 150).We also put the waves on the walls going upstairs too and then cut out shark fins to make it look like sharks in the water.

We also bought many decorations such as colorful lanterns, blow up palm trees, many inflatable guiatars, totam poles and beachballs etc.. from Ebay. The upstairs we  had colored many flowers throughout the year(200) with friends then cut out and put on the walls. We also made balloon flowers for decorations( each child to take home later). I made a list of the childrens names  and when they arrived I asked which type of pizza(cheese/hawaiian) they would like/ chicken nuggets.Which would help later when it was time to eat.

When the guset arrived we were all dressed in Hawaiian attire,we put name tags on the children also there translated name in Hawaiian(can look up in internet),we then put a lei on the children and asked that they go up stairs for the rest of there outfit .Once upstairs the children received a grass skirt,wrist and ankle bands and flowers for there hair(girls only). All from ebay.

We had many games including bean bag toss, octopus ring toss game, bowling game( use pop bottles 1/2 full of water cover in yellow paper and then brown construction paper for the top to look like pineapples and then a coconut from the grocer for the bowling ball), I also had all the children follow me to the living room where my children and I taught the others how to do a simple hawaiian dance to the music of Lilo and Stitch that we had learned through a disney movie.

We also made a limbo contest out of bamboo and rope (how low can you go!!!!!!!),  all children loved it. All of our prizes were Hawaiian orientated such as bucket/shovel, sunglasses, beachballs, stickers,note pads shaped as surf boards etc all Ebay great prices too.

The cake was decorated with a beach scene with plastic palm tress and lilo and Stitch figures. Really cute. Before each child left my husband had put a blue tarp over the back door to look like a big wave and then a boogy board on top of it, then took a crazy photo of the children looking like they were surfing in there hawaiian outfit. We later put this photo in a thank you note for them. The children had a great time and they all got to keep there outfits as part of their goodie bags.

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