Ladybug Party

Ladybug -4yr- Decorate Sugar Cookies




Crystal in Yuma, Az


June 2004


Special Mention

LADY BUG PARTY FOR 4 YR OLD.     My daughter was turning four and I wanted to do something really spectacular for her and all the neighborhood kids.  Since her nic-name was "bug", Alyssa-bug, we decide on a lady bug theme.

INVITATIONS:  For invitations I made lady bugs with movable wings that revealed the typical party information in silver ink. I purchased red and black posterboard (Albertson's was the cheaperst) Out of the black I cut 2 circles ( one larger than the other- using lids I had found in ther kitchen as a stencil) I glued the small circle to the top of the large circle to make up the body and the head. 

Out of the red I cut a large circle the size of the body and affixed it with a paper brad to the lg black circle, at the base of the neck, so the circle could move and reveal all the party information. On top of the red I drew a black line down the center to make the wings and colored black polka dots on it.  Using a hole punch I punched a singular hole at the top of the head and cut a 3" section of black pipe cleaner to make antennas ( I curled them around a pencil first and then suck it through the hole and twisted it in place.)  They were larger than normal so I bought large white envelopes from wal-mart 

DECORATIONS:  Being on a tight budget (I have 5 kids) I first went to the dollar store.  Christmas was approaching so there was plenty of red items out there.  I bought red table cloths,cups, plates, napkins and balloons. Also, while at the dollar store, I found huge transparent glass chargers to use as serving plates. (Since they were clear I could use them for any themed party)

For the buffet, I first laid different height boxes, phone books and cookware to make tiers.  I placed a table cloth on top of them to give the table dimention and give more space to display food. In between all the food I placed black dots which I had cut out of the remaining poster board. Being a mid afternoon party, munchies were served.  On those glass chargers I placed round white doilies from the dollar store. 

I had adult and kid friendly dips ( Easy cream cheese and spice mix) and walmart crackers for a dollar as the snacks.  I also had baked Alyssa's favorite cookies and displayed them on the different tiers below the cake.  I was the most proud of the cake.  It was red, true red, with black polka dots.  I made a regular round cake but with three layers.  I iced each side of the layer so it wouldn't absorb the filling and place chilled cherry pie filling in between.  ( Chilled so it wouldn't run) I had tried to make red frosting with food coloring but it made a bright pink so I bought some baking spray coloring and it turned the pink frosting into an amazing lady bug red.  ( I found the spray at Albertsons - cheap, in the baking section)

For polka dots, I separated oreo cookie minis and placed them all over the cake.  It was adorable and delicious too!  Around the room I placed may red baloons which I colored with polka dots.  Four year olds love to kick balloons! 

DURING THE PARTY: As each guest arrived they each received a lady bug hat- ( I had made it from black, 8.5 x 11 construction paper, cutting 2- 3" slits about 4' in on each side and folding it like a pilgrim's bonnet) It even had antennas made from pipe cleaners(affixed the same way as on the invitiations but with longer pipe cleaners) They also got lady bug capes (Which were pieces of red table coth with colored black polka dots safty pinned to their shirts) Too may ties make for a strangulation hazard!   There were 12 bugs in all and they looked too cute. 

For games we played grasshopper, grasshopper, lady bug (duck, duck goose) and read Mrs. Spiders tea party. They decorated sugar cookies to look like lady bugs using red frosting, black licorice and oreo cookie minis. They also got to make a bug's house ( A "tent" made of chairs a broom stick and a black sheet. 

Adults helped a bit) and played in it for hours.  Each kid took home with them a goody bag ( Red luch bags from wal mart with black round stickers) with their name on it filled with candy and a bug viewer ( Dollar store) It was a great party and the kids loved it.

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