Ladybug Party

Ladybug Tea -6yr- Ladybug Bean Bags




Rebecca in Boise, ID United States


March 2011


Honorable Mention

My Daughter Brooklyn just turned 6, and we decided upon a ladybug theme. 

INVITATIONS: Printed online. I used a picture of a ladybug at the top and worded it: Our Little Lady has turned six, so fly on over for a ladybug fix. Saturday, February 26th from eleven to one, be sure to come and have some fun. Yummy cake, and fun games too, the party just wouldn't be the same without you. For the contact information I wrote: Ladybug,Ladybug, fly away home to: Brooklyn's house address, phone number etc I backed the white cardstock invite with black/white polkadot paper and then finally red/polkadot paper. I tied each invitation in the center with black/white polka dot ribbon.

COSTUMES: For Brooklyn's outfit I had my mom make a ladybug on the front of her shirt that was the same ladybug on the invitations. I had her name embroidered on the shirt also. She wore this with a black/red tutu that I made for her.

DECORATIONS: I decorated the table with a black tablecloth, square black/white dinner plates topped with small black square dessert plates. Each place setting had a name tag with a ladybug button glued to it. I also placed red rock candy lollipops tied with red/white ribbon at each place setting.

I made black/white/red heart garland to hang above the table. I cut hearts out of felt and sewed them in a straight line to create garland. From the garland I also hung 3 felt ladybugs that I found at the hobby store. I also found red and black polka-dotted ballons that I put into balloon bouquets to help add to the ambience.

FOOD: Since we did a late morning party, I served minature waffles with strawberry jam, whipped cream and chocolate chips- to tie in the red/black/white theme. I also served little smokies to accompany it. For the drink I made a red punch by mixing cran/strawberry juice with seven-up and floating strawberry ice cream on top. It turnd out really good, and looked really pretty. The girls drank their punch out of black cups with red twisty straws.

For dessert, we had A ladybug cake that my husband made using the Wilton ladybug cake pan. Since the cake was also part of the decorations, we served cupcakes that were frosted red and were topped with a flower and a ladybug. I created the cupcake toppers by using black paper flowers that I found at the scrapbook store and gluing a ladybug button into the center of the flowers.

ACTIVITIES: My mom cut a leaf shape from a large piece of green felt and then sewed beanbags using ladybug fabric. The leaf had numbers drawn on it and the girls had to throw their ladybugs onto the leaf and try to get as many points as possible. The girls that had the most points won ladybug windcatchers that I found at the dollar store. The girls also made ladybug antenna's by twisting pipecleaners around a headband and attatching styrafoam balls that had been spraypainted black.

For the craft, we made magnet boards. I used small pieces of sheet metal and had each girls name cut out of red vinyl. They placed their vinyl name onto the metal, and attatched 2 magnets that I made by hotgluing magnets to the back of ladybug buttons. They turned out really cute, and all the girls loved them. This was a great theme for a party, and it turned out really cute.

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