Knight Party

Prince & Princess - Disney Princess Musical Chairs




Dee'Vinity  in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands US


Nov 2002



Prince & Princess Party  I planned a party for my niece and my cousin who ironically were born a day apart to twin fathers and the mothers being first cousin.  Planning a party for these two wasn't as easy as I thought but we decided on a Prince & Princess theme. 

The princess items was easy but the prince was a bit challenging.  We didn't want to use a knight but we had to in some cases; it worked out just fine.  The Invitation: We printed them on gold parchment paper, folded like a scroll, sealed with a gold foil and curling ribbon.  The colors:  Pink, Blue, Silver & Gold  We decided to keep the party on the beach and the shed we rented would be the castle.  Therefore, we had a castle on the beach.  The six poles were all adorned in streamers, the ceiling had cascade of pink, blue & white streamers that met in the middle with a circle crepe paper ball. A red carpet from the entrance of the shed lead to two white chairs that we had decorated to look like it was adorned with diamonds.  

As child and parents arrived, we had pin-ons for the parents; tiara and crowns for the kids. We try to greet everyone with a bow.  When the birthday girl and boy arrived, we played a fanfare and everyone stand as we announced their arrival.  It was so funny to see these two children running in.  My niece was dressed in a bathing suit and a white sheer skirt with a bow and heart shaped rhinestone in the middle, my cousin he was dressed in a white short pants jogging suit.  We couldn't dress them as if they were going to a ball cause we were on the beach.  We announce the parents, Grandparents and God Parents as they arrived as well.    

Table 1 was used for favors, we had a sign in sheet and we used this table for gifts as well.  We had a pink, blue & white table spanner, White tablecloth, miniature plastic baby booties filled with candies that were wrapped in pink, blue, gold & white; and silver & white tulle circles layout in a pyramid formation.  (The tulle circles made the booties appear like a bed of flowers)  We had a horse and Carriage centerpiece; miniature gold and silver champagne glasses and trinket boxes in the middle (These favors were used for the Godparents) Under this table is where we kept all the party bags.  We used bags marked Princess for the girls and we used knight boxes for the boys.  Each party bag was filled with numerous toys & candies that we ordered from oriental trading company.   

Table 2 we used for the cake.  We had a table spanner, princess tablecloth and we decorated with plates, napkin and cups that said Princess That we purchased from K-Mart, we had Knight cups, plates & napkins that we purchased from Birthday Express.  We had 4-castle cake and a full sheet cake with the children pictures on it.  We had a crown and scepter and a tiara as centerpieces alongside the cakes as well. Each corner of the table had pink & blue balloons that said happy 1st. birthday as well as gold & silver balloons. 

Table 3 was used for the food We had the food layout like a buffet; each in a silver chafing dishes.   We had finger food for the kids and assorted cookies and candies. We had mini sandwiches cut like diamonds and we had Hors d'oeuvre that we stuck toothpick shaped like swords into as well as curly toothpicks. We had food for both adults and kids because parents had to accompany their children at a beach party.   We played pin the shoes on Cinderella (For the girls) And pin the tail on the donkey (for the boys), they kids also had the opportunity to try and bust a treasure chest piñata and we played musical chairs to music from Cinderella, Anastasia, beauty & the beast and from The little Mermaid.  

We gave small prized for each game.  Except the piñata because that's a prize by itself.  We had bought 12 shovel & pails but we didn't know what we were going to use them for so we had a sand castle building contest, each child got to keep his or her pail for participating and we gave the final winner (A 6 yr. old boy) a Lion King Coloring Book & crayons.  Spectators on the beach making the contest fair as possible did the judging.   

We had 7 beach balls that my cousin drew different couples on such as  Beauty & The Beast; Snow White & Prince Charming; Aurora & Philip (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel & Eric Jasmine & Aladdin and the children had to guess the name of the cartoon each was affiliated with.   This game was so much fun the children wanted to play it repeatedly.   This is how we played it.  My two cousins was standing not to far from the shore (within standing distance), and as they held up a ball the children raise their hand and tell us what cartoon that couple is from.  We would let two children answer the same question before telling them right or wrong. If one got it wrong, we would eliminate him or her altogether.  We then would ask another question pertaining to that cartoon. 

After we have two winners (For each ball held up) we let them swim out to the ball and whoever reaches first wins the ball.  We had so many children and only seven balls so we had to eliminate children even if they new partial answers. I created this game because I needed games that we could play on the beach and I think it was a big hit.  Children and adult dance until 6 PM, which we had a clock that we bought from stumps and we told them if it was a teen party, we would end at midnight but for babies it ends at 6 PM.    At 5 PM we wanted to get all the children out of the water, we reminded them of the clock turning 6 PM and it was exciting watching the children hustle to the shed.  It was so much fun I have parents calling me asking me to assist them in preparing their party and invitation.  I would say this was a bit much for a 1st birthday but with the video's and the pictures the children will be able to see how proud we were that they turned one.

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