Kite Flying Party

Kite Party -1yr- Grandparent's Ranch




Julie in Antioch, Ca USA


January 2001


Honorable Mention

For my sons first birthday, (March) we decided to have a kite theme.  We were fortunate to be able to do this at his grandparents ranch, where there was a lot of room, however this could be done at a local park. 

Every child received a new kite as their party favor, and were able to fly their kites before lunch. All adults were invited which helped in the flying of the kites.

I also had all kinds of other lawn games available as well as bubbles. I was scared of balloons for my 1 year old so I decorated with pinwheels, each child also got one to take home. I made a large pinwheel out of construction paper & glitter to mark where the party was. 

For the cake I had the local baker put only Happy 1st Birthday _____ on it. I then decorated it with kites I had made out of tissue on wooden skewers. I then used small possible Disney figures & string to attach to the kites. It looked like the figures, (Mickey, Minnine, Pooh, Tigger, etc.) were flying the kites. 

Later everyone commented on how much fun they had flying kites with their kids, and it didn't seem like a typical kids birthday party.

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