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Monkey Party - Monkey in the Middle




Rachel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


January 2011


Honorable Mention

Here is a great birthday party for a child who loves monkeying around! 

Invitations. Cut a round circle from a piece of brown paper. Next, cut an oval out of yellow paper. Stick the oval onto the circle and add a red line on the yellow part to make the mouth. Also, add googly eyes and cut two gumdrop shapes from brown paper and cut another two, a bit smaller, out of pink paper and stick them carefully onto the ears. Write the party details on the back. For a banana invitation,use yellow cardstock or construction paper to make an invitation that looks like a banana.

For a really authentic look, sandwich your party information on a piece of white paper cut slightly smaller than the two yellow pieces. Glue the edges of the yellow pieces, leaving the top open, to make a banana skin envelope. Write your party information on the white paper and slip it inside the yellow envelope, so your guests can peel their banana to open their invitation. Write a headline such as, Come Monkey Around at _______'s Monkey Birthday Party! 

Decorations: You can use green yellow and brown crepe paper to resemble a jungle. If you have one you can lay a basket of bananas in each corner of the party room. If you do not have any baskets (preferably straw) you can purchase some for a low price at your local dollar store.  

Activities & Games: 

Monkey See Monkey Do -- Gather your group in a large circle. Choose one child to be "it". That person leaves the room. Out of the remaining group silently elect one person to be the lead monkey. Call the "it person" back to sit or stand in the center of the circle. The lead monkey should start a gesture such as scratching his head or snapping his fingers. All the other monkeys should then imitate this gesture as quickly as possible trying not to give away their leader's identity. After a bit the lead monkey should change to a new gesture giving the "it person" a few chances to watch the group during their changes. The "it person" gets three tries to identify the lead monkey. Win or lose the lead monkey becomes "it" for the next round.

Monkey Knot -- Have your group stand in a large circle. Have everyone reach out their right hand and grab the right hand of someone else (preferably not the person next to them). Now have everyone reach out their left hand and grab the left hand of someone new. Your group will be in a tangled monkey knot! Have them work together to untangle themselves without letting go of anyone's hand. What Animal am I? -- Write the names of different jungle animals on index cards and tape a card to each child's back (without them seeing what animal they are). Have them go around to the other party guests and ask yes or no questions to try and figure out what animal they are.

Monkey in the Middle -- Have your guests get into a large circle. Choose one child to be the monkey in the middle of the circle. The children in the circle should try to pass a ball (foam if you are inside) across the circle to those on the other side without the monkey getting it. If the monkey intercepts the ball the person who threw the ball becomes the new monkey in the middle.

Banana Relay -- Divide your group into two teams. Give each team a banana. The object of the relay is to have each person race from point A to point B and back holding the banana either between his knees or under his chin (you decide). They then pass the banana to the next person in line. The first team with all of its members back wins. 

Snacks: Monkey CupcakesYou will need: Your favorite flavor cake mix (or try banana flavor to really keep with the theme!)Chocolate IcingNilla Wafer CookiesMini Nilla Wafer CookiesBlack and Red Decorator Gel Icing  Make and frost your cupcakes. Cut the top off a regular sized wafer cookie for the monkey's mouth. Cut about 1/3 off two mini wafers for the ears. Use the black gel frosting for the eyes and nostrils and the red for a smiley mouth!  Ben and Jerry's Chunky monkey ice cream  Monkey tails You will need:  6 bananas Semi-sweet chocolate chips Popsicle sticks Sprinkles Nuts Granola  Cut each banana in half and carefully place about half of the stick in the banana halves. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl until fully melted. While the chocolate is still in liquid form dip the banana halves in the chocolate and then coat them in selected toppings. Freeze until serving time.  Jungle Mix (dried bananas coconut raisins chocolate chips peanuts etc.)  Banana Smoothies 

Cake: Choice #1: Make a mountain cake (gumdrop mold) an frost with whipped vanilla frosting. Cover with Runts bananas. Use brown  fondant or almond paste to make a monkey body then use other colors to complete the face. Put the monkey on the top of the banana mountain. Repeat steps to make monkey and stick them to the cake.  Favors: A mini version of the game "Monkeys in a barrel" should be enough.  I hope this helps!!! "

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