Jungle Party

Jungle Party -6yr- Pin Banana on the Monkey




Kristen in Clifton Forge, VA, USA


June 2009


Honorable Mention

For my son's 6th birthday party, he decided on a Jungle style party.  Since his birthday is in June, I figured it would be ok to hold it outdoors.  I made sure to dress him in an animal shirt to match the theme of his party.    INVITATION : I purchased invitations to coordinate with the WILD ANIMALS theme that he chose.  I have in the past made the invitations, but this was his first year in school, so I was looking at 40 invitations and that was just a lot to make.  I sealed them shut with an animal shaped sticker. 

DECORATIONS : I purchased the Jungle Print balloons from Oriental Trading Company and the WILD ANIMALS round balloons that coordinated with the theme.  I also purchased off of Ebay all of the wild animal shaped balloons that I could find, I had giraffes, tigers, lions, zebra's, toucans, etc.  I had green and yellow balloons that said Welcome to the Jungle on them, and Happy 6th Birthday Balloons as well as a number 6 balloon.  I'm a big fan of balloons.  They were all blown up and either tied to mailboxes, plant holders, etc, or scattered around on balloon weights.  I also hung streamers in different shades of green from the eves of my husband's building and our deck to look like vines.  I had purchased parrots, and tropical leaves from OTC and hung the parrots amongst the vines and attached the leaves to the sides of the building. 

I also had a Happy Birthday banner that coordinated with the theme hung from the opposite side of the building, along with a Pin the Banana on the Monkey game.  Matching tablecovers for the theme were on the tables, along with napkins to match.  I spent a lot of time making posters that read different things like Welcome to the Jungle"; "It's a Jungle out here" "Caution: Wild Animal Crossing" "Do Not Enter : SWAMP"; etc. that I attached to stakes and put threw out the yard.

I had also purchased a dozen blow up animals from OTC that I blew up and had around the yard.  I gave away most of the shaped balloons and animals except for the ones my son wanted to keep.  My son has a lot of plastic wild animal shaped toys that he loves to play with so I sat some of them out on the food table to act as a centerpiece. I also played a CD of music downloaded from Amazon with different animal noises on it during the party.  

ACTIVITIES : I had a friend do face painting during the party and my father in law sadled up his horse and took the kids for a ride.   

GAMES : Played Pin the Banana on the Monkey (purchased from OTC) and Statues with music I downloaded from Amazon with songs from The Jungle Book and The Lion King etc. I also downloaded the song from Peter Pan "Following the Leader" and had the kids follow my son and mimic his actions while it played. 

PARTY SNACKS : I had purchased Ham & Cheese rolls from a local bakery that are really delicious and had made Mini Pigs in a Blanket along with chips and dip and salsa and chips assorted vegetables with the dip in a hollowed out pepper and assorted fruits.  I also had different kinds of drinks available like juice and water along with sodas for the adults. Everything was placed on trays or in bowls that coordinated with the colors of the WILD ANIMAL theme my son had chosen.  

CAKE : My son picked a 3 tier cake off of the internet and my sister in law made it for him.  He chose a cake that was zebra striped on the bottom layer which was chocolate in flavor giraffe print in the middle yellow cake in flavor and the top layer a strawberry cake was tiger printed.  Awesome!  And of course there was the number 6 to go on top.  

PARTY FAVORS : I purchased just about all of the items in the favor bags from OTC.  The bags were printed in 4 different styles zebra tiger giraffe and cheetah and inside I included a notepad that either had a monkey elephant tiger or giraffe on them a crocodile pencil an animal printed whistle an animal style stamp an animal bubble and an animal sticker.  There were a few really young children so instead of a favor bag I let them have first pick at the blow up animals as their favors. 

My son always has a wonderful time at his parties and I love taking the time to decorate and plan them.  My best friend's kids talk about my son's birthday's continously from one year to the next so I like to think I'm doing an ok job! :)"

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