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Madagascar Party -4yr- Stuffed Animal Round-up




Angie in Chattanooga, TN  USA


March 2007


Special Mention

I know I'm a little early, but since I didn't see any Madagascar ideas on this site, I thought I'd share my ideas, most of which I gleaned from the jungle and safari ideas here.  For my son's 4th birthday we are going with his favorite movie theme.  He has been telling people since last year that he is having a Madagascar pinata party. 

For invites, I have created a Madagascar background using a picture I scanned from a coloring book cover.  I have put in the date and time for the crackalackin'" party inviting the guests to "Go wild at Bryce's 4th birthday party" at our house. We purchased green envelopes (on sale) and sealed them with Madagascar stickers. 

As guests arrive I have homemade playdough and coloring pages ready.  I also plan to have the movie going in the living room.  Once everyone has arrived (guests range in age from 1 to 12) we will go outside for a few games while my husband finishes up food as he has to work that morning.  The older kids will play these games:  1)penguin waddle relay-children race from the zoo (starting line) to Antarctica (finish) with a balloon between their knees 2)elephant race-children form two teams and race from start to finish while holding hands through their legs 3)Free the animals-children carry animal crackers on a spoon from one point to another with the first team moving all their animals winning.  For the younger kids I have these games planned: 

1)Find the lost animals-since my son's birthday party is the day before easter I bought plastic jungle animals and the larger plastic easter eggs.  I plan to put the animals inside the eggs and hide them in the backyard

2)stuffed animal round-up-children will run and grab as many stuffed jungle animals as they can at once (animals were ordered from oriental trading) with the one getting the most winning.  I also plan to have a dance contest for all the kids with the song "I like to move it" from the movie.  (I downloaded the soundtrack from the internet for about $5.00.)  My son got a karaoke machine for Christmas that I plan to use if the weather is bad as well as modify some of the other games.  My cousin will supervise one set of games and I will do the other. 

Of course we HAD to have a pinata but I just couldn't see giving $20 for one so my son and I made one using a punch ball balloon and paper mache.  We covered the paper mache with green yellow and red tissue paper (I actually saved this from Christmas) and enlarged the picture from the invitations and glued it on the front.  It looks pretty good and will not be as hard to break open (which is good for the little ones). 

For decorations I bought a Madagascar table cloth (Factory Card Outlet)and then some plain green ones.  I also ordered an inflatable palm tree and some hanging palms from Oriental Trading along with some table top tiki torches.  My aunt and I are building four palm trees for the yard from old umbrellas strung with green tissue and construction paper leaves and brown spray painted pvc pipe.  These will be put in the ground around my son's swing set which we are making vines from butcher paper and more tissue paper leaves and hanging a cardboard hut roof (like in the movie) from one end of the tree house part on the swingset. 

I have hay bales to put in a circle under this roof to make it like walls plus they will double as seats for the kids.  I also have acquired several appliance boxes and am making a zoo from them (cutting them as cages).  My son also has a trampoline for which we are making a sign that says "Lemur's Lair" and just draping some of our "vines" from the netting around it.  I'm slso using some things like fresh pineapples and coconuts for decorations on the tables.  I decided to go with the "seaweed on a stick" theme for food.  We will be having corn dogs and chips for the kids and for the adults we are having kabobs.  There will also be things like potato salad and baked beans. 

For drinks I have gotten the kids those little rainbow drinks.  I also will serve iced tea (with the label "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" and lemonade.  Dessert will be the cake of course and ice cream.  I also plan to have mini kabobs with fresh fruit like pineapple strawberries and grapes.  I have also bought animal crackers plain and iced to put out around the cake.  I ordered some Madagascar cake toppers from ebay and am making the cake myself (see picture at thepartyworks.com). 

For game prizes I bought large plastic jungle animals beach balls coconut cups and stuffed animals (for the little ones).  Each child will receive a goody bag (animal print bags from OT) a crazy straw madagascar tatoos jungle themed gummies glow stick bracelets (got at Michael's $1 for 15) scratch off jungle animals (OT) and each child will receive a beach ball (OT).  Plus the little ones get to keep their eggs and animals and one stuffed animal from the game.  Paper products I have bought here and there when I saw somwthing on sale.  Walmart had green and black plates and napkins.  I bought some green solo cups to match.  We did get one pack of Madagascar napkins just for show and some cups for the kids.  The forks and spoons (black and green)I got at a local dollar store for 75 cents a pack.  I've borrowed everyone's wicker serving ware I can find to put the food in.  It should be a great time.  We had a western theme party last year and everyone had a blast even the grown-ups so we are really looking forward to this one!  If someone is looking for Madagascar ideas I hope this helps!    "

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