Japanese Culture Party

Japanese Lantern -11yr- Chopstick Rally




Candy_Cane in Canada


July 2003



Japanese Lantern Party:  This party is great for girls ages 11 and over. Its best to keep this party small and comfortable. Stick with no more than 10 girls. And you can even ask them to dress in japanese style looking clothing.

Decorations: Decorate your home with paper lanterns, colourful stremers, candles, incense, paper dragons and other japanese artwork (make your own by doing some research) String little christmas lights around the house. Buy some floor mats (used to lay on the beach) at your local superstore for about 4 dollars. Keep the lighting low and preferably have the party in the evening.  

Invitations: Make ancient looking japanese scrolls by soaking paper with a wet teabag. When the paper is dry use calligraphy pens to write your information on the sheet. On the bottom of the page write the japanese symbols for peace, love and happiness (by looking them up on the internet) Roll the papers up to look like scrolls and tie some twine around them. 

Food: Order some traditional Japanese food from a local Japanese takeout. Use chopsticks or regular cutlery to eat the food. Maybe you can even get the kids to try some sushi. You could make a game out of it. (whoever can eat their whole piece of sushi and the quickest) Give the winner a prize like a small dragon necklace or statue. 

Games: This should be a relaxing party. So instead of playing games maybe you could hire a professional to do the kids nails feet or give facials. But if you want to play games here are few fun ones.

Yoga Twister: Get the kids to stand close together. When you say go tell them to pull a funny position but 3 body parts must be on the ground (ex: 1 leg, 1 arm, and their nose.) They have to hold this positon and you or another person must go around and stare them right in the face, asking about 7 easy almost stupid questions. Mark how many questions they got right on a paper. Ask each child different stupid questions. Whoever can stay up the longest without falling on the floor, answer the most question correctly, and do it without smiling or laughing wins. 

Chopstick Rally:  Put the kids into 2 equal teams. Give each chils a pair of chopsticks and give the team a tennis ball. Make a race track around the house or outside. The team must work together to hold the bal up. They can only use their chopsticks. Then they must race the other team to the end and back whoever gets back to the finish line first and without dropping their ball wins.     This is a great party and its sure to be a hit!!!!!!

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