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Incredibles Party 7yr - Incredible T-shirts




Kerry in Andover, MA


August 2005


Honorable Mention

I am so happy to find your web site this morning I am trying to plan my daughters 5th birthday party and all these ideas have been wonderful.  I wanted to share what i did for my son's 7th birthday.  My son Kevin loves movies and his favorite movie last year was the Incredibles. 

So in May 2005 Kevin decided he wanted to have an Incredibles party.  It was a fun theme to do because every character in the movie you could do at the party.  Such as Dash,(runner, so we did an Obstacle course, Violet could disappear and use a force field so we used Hula Hoops, Fro Zone was depicted in theFroZone drinks, Elastic Girl was used in the Twister game, my husband dressed as Mr. Incredible and I dressed in white T-shirt with the Mr. Incredibles emblem on my shirt and wore black glasses. We sent out Incredible invitations that we found online. 

Then we bought 14 white T-shirts at Walmart for sizes 8 - 10 (one size bigger because we knew they would shrink).  We also bought special markers for T-Shirts and computer paper. We went online and on the Disney website we found Incredible Iron ons.  We printed the Incredible Iron ons on the white T-shirts.  Then we decorated our backyard with red, and black streamers and yellow balloons which are the colors for the Incredibles.  I bought Mr. Incredible posters and put them on our white fence.  In our garage i put a table together to fit 14 boys and i put the white t shirts with markers on it.  My husband and I took a white tablecloth and hung it at the other end of the garage.  Then we took his computer and projected the movie, The Incredibles onto the white tablecloth.

I had the music from the Incredibles CD playing on our Karoke machine.  When the boys came to the party we let them play in our backyard for a few minutes and i had hula hoops (acted as Violet as a Force Field), a Twister game (Elastic girl), and an Obstacle course(Dash).  We tried to do something for each character in the Incredibles story, 

After a few minutes of letting the boys play with these games we directed them to our garage.  The movie was playing and the table was set with the T shirts.  They had so much fun seeing the Iron On Mr. Incredible t-shirts and they wrote their own names on the t-shirts and decorated them with those special markers.  It was such a hit.  All the boys wore them at the party.(they put them over their own shirts) 

After making the t-shirts we went to our backyard to do the Obstacle course (Dash).  My husband used our Karoke machine to announce the Obstacle course.  First my son, Kevin and my husband would announce in the karoke what he was doing, Kevin is now running thru the hula hoops, then throws a basket in the basketball hoop, etc and he did this announcing for each child.  At the end of the obstacle course I gave each child a blue ribbon.

After the obstacle course we did Pin the I on Mr. Incredible which I used one of the posters on my fence.(Then my husband escaped upstairs to change into his Mr. Incredible costume which he wore for Halloween).Then we went to our patio where I had a table decorated with Mr. Icredible small toys, tablecloth, cups and a cake with Mr. Incredible(Stop and Shop used our invitation to make our image). 

My husband arrived as Mr, Incredible and served Fro Zone Drinks (from the movie) and it was Blue PowerDrink with crushed ice that we served in their Mr. Incredible cups.  The boys loved seeing Ray as Mr.Incredible. We had our Mr. Incredible cake. The favors were Red Bags that I bought at a Dollar Store and I wrote their name on it with Mr.Incredible coloring book, black glasses, Mr. Incredible toothbrushes, Mr. Incredible stickers and they got to keep their Mr. Incredible cups and T-shirts.

I was a little nervous having all these boys but it went so smoothly,it truly was a blast, Really unforgettable. And when Kevin went to back to school he said all the boys were talking about the party and how awesome it was. Yeah!

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