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Incredibles Party 4yr - Omnidroid Pinata




Cassie in APO, AE  (United States)


April 2005


Honorable Mention

For my son's 4th birthday, we had an Incredibles theme. We bought all the incredibles partyware from birthdayexpress.com.

We rented out a room at a nearby club for an afternoon party. The party started around 2pm. Once the guests had arrived (about 10 kids) I got them thinking about superheroes. "Who are your favorite superheroes?" "What things can superheroes do?" "What do superheroes wear?" I told them today at the party we were going to see if they had what it takes to be a superhero, just like the Incredibles.

First we started off designing superhero t-shirts. The kids spent about 15 minutes decorating white t-shirts with fabric paint. This was a great activity because it also got the parents involved. Once the kids finished their shirts, they got to choose an Incredibles iron-on to take home to complete their shirts. I downloaded a bunch of free iron-ons at incredibles.com (click on the "activities" link. The kids had a quick snack  (goldfish crackers and juice). Then it was time to test their superhero abilities.

First we played wrap the bad guy. I had 3 parents as volunteers. Each one sat in a chair while teams of 3-4 kids gathered around each parent. Each team had a roll of streamers. When I said go , the teams raced to wrap up the bad guy. Since the kids were so young, there wasnt really a winner. But they all had a lot of fun. When they ran out of streamers, they helped the parents escape by ripping off the streamers.

Next we did the Elastigirl tangle. I took a sticker of elastigirl (oriental trading- roll of 100 incredibles stickers $4.95) and attached a piece of red yarn to it (to look like elastigirl's arm). I wrapped the yarn around the furniture. At the end of each piece was a little black hand. The hand was attached to their favor box. Each favor box contained an incredibles mask, incredibles stickers and tattoos, an incredibles pez dispenser and an incredibles sticker activity book. The kids followed their piece of yarn til' they found their prize.

After that game, it was time to test their strength and speed. So we had the kids run through an obstacle course. First they had to bounce on one of those hippity hop ball things around a series of cones. Then they had to run across a bridge made of about 6 step stools. While they ran across the step stools the other kids got to try and knock the person off by throwing nerf like balls at them (this was taken from a scene in the movie). After the step stools, the kids had to knock down a cardboard brickwall and rescue baby jack jack (mc donalds toy) from the evil syndrome (we had bought the punchin pals syndrome doll and jack jack fit perfectly in his arms!). The kids LOVED this game.

Everyone wanted to knock down the brick wall. And lots of the kids started helping my husband rebuild the brick wall between turns. By then the kids were ready for cake. So we sang happy birthday and ate cake and ice cream. For the cake, I decorated it with the incredibles logo. After cake we went outside to break a pinata. My husband and I had made a pinate to look like the omnidroid robot from the movie. We used a beach ball to help get its shape, and papermached it with newspaper and black tissue paper to give it the right color.

Then we used corrugated black paper stuff we had gotten at the craft store for the legs. We folded the paper to make 4 square shaped tubes and cut slits on 3 out of 4 sides so that it would arch. Then finished each leg with a black construction paper cone to look like the claws) It looked great and all the parents were amazed that we had made it ourselves. The kids spent about 15 minutes or so trying to break the pinata! But they finally did.

Then they came back inside and watched while my son opened his presents! The party ended up being almost 3 hours (we had planned for two). But EVERYONE had a blast. On Monday at school, the parents kept telling me that their kids were STILL talking about how much fun they had!!! Can't wait til next year!

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