Incredibles Party

Superhero Party 6yr - Incredilble Masks




Linda in Kariong, NSW, Australia


April 2005


Honorable Mention

My son just had a 6th Superheroe party that went off with a real BANG... 

We made Mr Incredible invitations and printed them onto card with different coloured backing.  We had quite a large number of children invited so felt we needed a few activities to help it all go smoothly.  We printed out labels for when they arrived with their name and a superheroe beside it. 

We had two activities going, one was decorating Mr Incredible masks with glue or star stickers (that I had previously cut out and attached elastic to the back), and the other was colouring in (which I had also printed out black and white superheroe colouring pages and glued these onto coloured board).  I had decorated with big homemade spiders, balloons with superheroes hanging from them in superheroe colours, spiderman coloured streamers, superheroes to play with and look at, big cutouts of BAM! POW! Etc and Spiderman d├ęcor. 

Our first game was the Web game where we had printed out 21 webs with different numbers on them, glued these to the floor and the children had to walk from one to another while the music was going and when the music stopped if they were on the numbers called out, had to stand out.  We had made a special CD for the day of different superheroe music, such as Thunderbirds, Astro Boy, Superman etc.

We also played a game of "What is that theme song…" the person to guess first, won a prize.  I had also made a Spiderman pinata which the children loved taking turns cracking the pinata open.  Any prizes won, we put together in one container and sorted them between the prize bags.  I had made special party bags for each child.  I sewed little calico bags and transferred superheroes onto each one, with a special thank you card and label for each child.  These were ideal for putting all their prizes and treats in as the day went on. 

We also played Pass the Parcel which had lots of different treats (such as Superman rings, Mr Incredible rings, spiders, snakes, web spinners, lollies etc) to keep them interested as they played.  We also put their prizes straight into their calico bags. 

Our last game was Pin the Cucumber on the Larryboy which was extremely cute, made just with a poster of Larryboy and cutouts bluetacked of 21 little Cucumbers.  The food was also superheroe themed with Spiderman coloured jelly with Spiderman spiders on top, web iced biscuits, a spider fruit salad made with half a rockmelon cut out and drawn on eyes and pipe cleaner legs. 

We also had patty cakes with superheroe picks on them and superheroe pigs (my son's favourite).  We finished off with a Jimmy Neutron cake.  The children loved going home with their calico bags filled with treats that I had previously filled, treats from their Pinata and Pass the Parcel, prizes that they one throughout the day (which I had labelled "Congratulations for winning a prize at Braedon's birthday party and a place to put their name), and their masks and drawings.  It was the best day ever and enjoyed by all!

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