Incredibles Party

The Incredibles 6yr - Training Camp




Candee in Vancouver, Washington  USA


March 2005



My six year old loves the movie "The Incredibles" and I couldn't find any ideas about the Incredibles so I had to come up with the ideas by myself.  I decided to have the kids come to an Incredibles training camp. 

We decorated the door welcoming them to the Incredibles training camp and we painted the black masks on their faces telling them that these weren't the real masks, they had to earn their real masks by testing their strength and endurance.  We got the kids yelling and excited to get started.  First we tied a balloon around each of their ankles and we told them that they must protect their balloon as if the balloons were jewels but had to try a pop the others balloons.  We made sure we had lots of extra balloons because sometimes they stepped on their own balloons on accident. 

Next we had an obstacle course.  We didn't need to buy anything, we just used our own backyard and equipment.  We told the kids that they didn't need to beat anyone elses time, just beat their last score.  And that way there wasn't any hurt feelings.  The obstacle course started out with riding a scooter around two orange cones, crawling through a big box we found in the garage, running to the swing set and jumped on a swing to make 3 swings then hop on one foot to the trampoline, then they had to make a basket( we moved the basketball hoop next to the trampoline) after the basket they did a somersault and ran back to the start.  We had the other kids count while each one ran through the course. 

The next game we put a rope in a circle on the grass and had all the boys inside the circle.  The circle needs to be pretty big so they have room to move.  We told them that sometimes the heros get caught by the bad guys and need to be able to move around while tied up.  They needed to hold onto their ankles and try and knock the other kids down or move them out of the circle.  If you fell or left the circle you are out.  Since it is difficult to move around while holding your ankles no one gets bumped too hard. 

After each game was successfully played I told them they earned their lighting bolts.  I painted two lightning bolts next to their masks on their faces after each game.  We had a lighting bolt cake and incredibles cups, plates etc.  My son then opened presents and afterwards we had an awards assembly.  I made certificates for each boy that told them they successfully completed the Incredibles training and was now officially "An Incredible Kid" and authorized to go out into the world and do good. 

They also got a real incredibles mask.  They sell them at any party store.  I took a picture of each boy with their certificate and mask. We put this picture on a thank you card that we made and delivered that afternoon, thanks to one-hour photo developing.  They also received a little bag of incredibles party toys on their way out.  The kids had a lot of fun and it was so easy and cheap since we used outside games and had a picture to remember how the are now "Incredible Kids".  We already knew that, but now the kids knew it too :)

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