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Incredible Birthday 7yr - Incredible Charades




Suz in Hong Kong


February 2005


Special Mention

The INCREDIBLE Birthday Party - 7 year old.  We really wanted to do a birthday party with a theme for my 7 year old girl but did not want it to be so "commercial" and tried to avoid all the gizmo's you could buy at the shops - so everything was homemade. There are many ideas for party invites that you can make and send to create excitement. We, however, chose to use a web based invitation Evite so that we could keep track of the invitees and they in turn could see who was coming so that they could arrange shared rides etc. We picked the fire logo as the red and black colour were similar to the colours of the incredibles' costumes.

The decorations were simple red, black and yellow balloons and the table was covered with a red plastic tablecloth with the characters drawn on them. One part of the floor was decorated with Incredibles colouring pages laid out to make a "walk". This was to be used for a game later.   When the children arrived, they were given colouring pens to colour the pages taped to the floor. When all the children had arrived, we explained the rules of the Incredible Game.

The children would be divided into two teams and they must compete in a contest to determine if they got the hard or easy challenge. If they participated, they got a point and if they won their particular contest or challenge, they got another point. This way, if someone didn't want to play they did not have to but the point collection certainly motivated them all to participate!  The first contest was tug of war. The kids quickly heaved each other of the line and the winner was easy to identify. The winner got to choose the easy challenge.

The first challenge was INCREDIBLE ACTING. The kids had to act out (without speaking) the secret word drawn from a hat and their team mates had to guess what the secret word was. The easy challengers got to act out easy things like a ballet dancer but the hard challengers had to act out hard things like a banana! I have never laughed so hard as when I watched a very bemused child try to peel herself so her friends would guess she was a banana!! 

The second contest was the Incredible Walk. Each child stood on a colouring page taped to the floor. They had to hop from picture to picture while they sang various songs like happy birthday etc. When the song stopped, they had to stop on the page they were on. The matching picture was drawn out of a hat and whichever child was on that picture was out of the game. The winner won her team the easy challenge of course! 

The second challenge was INCREDIBLE DRAWING. The kids had to draw a secret word and their team mates had to guess what it is. Easy? No way, the kids were blind folded and one at a time they drew the most incredible pictures. They had their teammates howling that the picture did not look like a flower (easy challenge) or their teacher (hard challenge)!  The contests and challenges went on for a good 2 hours. The contests included, Tunnel Gopher - crawling under each other's legs until the finish line and Water Brigade - a relay race to collect water from one bucket and transferring it to an empty one. 

The challenges included the Incredible Toss - the kids had to throw balls through a drawn image of Syndrome (small mouth, hard challenge) and Jack Jack (large mouth, easy challenge), we drew and painted the characters on an enourmous cardbox sheet and cut out the mouths; and Incredible Tasting Game - various food items were put in opaque containers and no. The kids drew numbers and had to eat the content of their bowl without hands. Points were given for trying and another for finishing so that they did not have to eat it if they did not want to. Some of the food stuff was yucky like Tofu and what looked like dog poo turned out to be chocolate icing! 

The winners with the most points got to choose, you guessed it, the easy clue for the Treasure Hunt! The clues were simple riddles they had to solve and gave us (adults) just enough time to sit down for a nice cup of tea! Before they embarked on the hunt, we had to give them food as all the contests and challenges worked up such an appetite - the kids were ravenous! I'm afraid to say that we gave them what they wanted and they got, crisps and marshmallows and biscuits and jam tarts and pizza! 

The treasure hunt took them all over the house and the back garden. There was a lot of discussion about the clues ie. Something furry, like Stuart Little, that you use to make it work (computer). Both teams got the winning prize (lollipops).  We next put on the movie to watch and handed out Incredible Trivia sheets with true and false answers. Most of the kids had seen the movie already but watched it again. The trivia questions were obviously incredible (Elastigirl is called that because she wears elastic in her hair) so that the kids could have a good laugh over them. 

The cake was a plain chocolate cake, as requested by the birthday girl but it would be easy to make in keeping with the theme. The party bags had The Incredibles Activity book, bunches of felt tip pens tied up in a bow, packets of The Incredibles candy and a notebook on which we glued red paper on the cover and drew face masks on with words such as, Pretend I'm not Here or Save the Day. The Party bags were completely commercial but if you wanted, you could replace the Activity book with incredible toys like invisible ink pens. Etc.  We took pictures of each child in front of the giant drawing of Syndrome and Jack Jack to give in the thank you card. 

Hope our party gives you lots of ideas, I would love to hear back from you!

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