Incredibles Party

Incredibles Party 4yr - Mask Decorating




Natalie in Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA


April 2005



We are having an INCREDIBLES birthday party for my little 4 yr old superhero fan!

For the invitations, I used free downloadable clipart of the characters, with Syndrome shooting a lightning ray toward Dash, who is running away.  Jack-Jack sits near the top and says, "Hey all you superheroes!  I’m Jack-Jack, and my family is under attack by that nasty Syndrome again!  Help us by arriving undercover in your best swimming suit disguise, (with protective sunscreen shield, of course!)  Meet us at the Sprinkler Park (call for directions if your ship’s navigation system needs help) Saturday, from 12:30-2:30.  Don’t forget your Cake Muncher, because you are going to need it!  Together we can defeat the villain!  Please call Superhero Dispatch to RSVP and with any questions at xxx-xxxx. Thanks! 

We will decorate with red/black/yellow balloons, a poster of the Incredibles (3 bucks), probably use an Incredibles tablecloth and plates from Walmart etc.  (Since we will be at a park, we will have limited facilities to decorate)  Since children always arrive at different times, we will start off with an Edna exercise (dahling), by giving each child a plain mask and letting them decorate it with glitter glue, feathers, glitter, pom-poms, all that fun stuff. 

After they all arrive, we will have several INCREDIBLE games, for example, for Dash fans, (and who isn't, really?) we will have different relay races, but will keep it simple since most guests are barely 4.  My son insists on incorporating football somehow into the occasion, so I will draw a large Syndrome on big cardboard box (you can do it, really, very simple lines, just look at a clipart example), cut a hole in it, and let them throw little Nerf football bombs at him.  We will celebrate Violet's talents by giving each child their own bubbles to go crazy with on the grass. 

By this time, we will need some Superhero refueling, so we will stop to open presents and eat cake and ice cream.  For the cake, I am making two, since we will have a lot of guests.  For the first one, I am using a Wilton shape pan that makes Superman/Batman (you can find on Ebay) and making it into Mr. Incredible. (hint, it is tough to get a good red icing, it's worth it to buy it pre-made if you need that color)  For the second one, I am using a sit-up bear pan, (also Wilton) and using it to make Jack-Jack.  I'm sure this one will be the kids favorite, because it's unusual. 

We will finish with the "Superhero Training Course" which will be just letting them play and relax (and letting me relax!) on the playground equipment and in the sprinklers until their parents arrive.  The kids will go home with a thank-you note, some coloring pages, some Pop Rocks, a sucker "power" ring, and of course, the masks they have made.  I'm sure we will have an INCREDIBLE time, I hope you all do too if you try this party!

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