Curious George Party

Hulk Party - Green Hulk Punch




Kristi in Rockledge, FL  United States


August 2003



My son is turning 3 next month and is facinated with the Incredible Hulk. I was just going to decorate all "Hulk", but decided it will be even better if all the guests get to participate.

So, we are sending out invitations that are an "Urgent call for help from all super heros" and we're asking that everyone comes as their favorite Hero (parents too).

We're using black paper table clothes so each guest name can be written in metallic gel pen (instead of place cards). We're going to have "smoke" as you walk in the front door and coming from under the table for special FX (you can use dry-ice and water, but make sure to have it supervised at all times).

Their 'goody bags' will be in paper bags decorated according to character. Since they are young kids we're just going to fill the bags w/ fruit candies and coloring stuff.

The cake still has to be "Hulk" and I'm no cake decorater, so we're having it done. Some game ideas can include pin the cape on Super Man (we couldn't think of an age appropriate "pin the ___ on the ___" game that had to do with the Hulk). 

Save the puppy where the kids have to follow clues (age appropriate) to find the stuffed puppy and get a prize, the fastest super hero which is just a race through a made up obstacle course and the 1st one to the end gets a prize. We're even going to put a plastic key in a long baking pan covered with chocolate pudding and have them dig with their hands to find the key and unlock the mystery box for a prize.

For extra food we're going to have green jell-o (since hulk is green) and green punch (lime sherbert an 7-up) and sugar cookies they can decorate. I know he'll be so excited - probably more so to see his older cousins dressed as batman and robin!

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