Ice Cream Party

Spiderman Ice Cream -3yr- Ice Cream Trivia




Catherine in Houma, LA USA


April 2008



For my daughter's 3rd birthday, she wanted a Spiderman party!  Since I don't know much about Spiderman, I didn't know how to make it work for a little girl so we compromised and had an ice cream themed party and we served Spiderman ice cream from our local ice cream shop!

Invitation:  The invitations were pink with ice cream cones printed across the middle.  At the top it read, I scream Let's All Eat Ice Cream!" The date was on "Sundae" and for the RSVP line we printed "Don't waffle - RSVP!" 

Decorations:  We had an ice cream cone balloon bouquet with vanilla strawberry and chocolate balloon scoops popping out of a poster board cone with a red cherry balloon on top!  We also had a Spiderman balloon tied to my dauther's chair! Activities / Games: 

The children enjoyed playing Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Sundae and Musical Scoops (using poster board scoops instead of chairs).  They also had tons of fun hitting an ice cream cone pinata!  At the end of the party the kids played in our backyard jumping on the trampoline climbing a rock climbing wall swinging and driving a motorized John Deere gator!  The adults joined in the fun too as they took a quiz with ice cream related trivia questions.  The winner received a gift card to our local ice cream shop.

Cake / Snacks:  For the cake I baked cupcakes on top of ice cream cones!  They were decorated with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles.  We also had additional cupcakes brownies served on a pink and brown polka dotted tray and of course ice cream cones!  We served Spiderman ice cream for the children and vanilla and chocolate for the adults. Toppings included crushed Oreos sprinkles jelly beans chocolate syrup caramel cherries and whipped cream.  We also had an assortment of cookies and cakes that others brought. They were served on pink polka dotted plates with matching pink and yellow napkins. 

Dress: The birthday girl wore a brightly colored polka dotted dress and everyone commented on how much the dots looked like ice cream scoops!  My older daughter wore a shirt with popsicles printed all over it. Favors: For favors I filled ice cream cones with M&Ms and pastel colored marshmellows.  I wrapped it with iridescent cellophane and tied it with a pink ribbon and a tag that read "Here's a treat for being so sweet!"  It was printed on pink paper with brown letters.

Thank yous:  I was able to order matching thank you notes when I ordered the invitations.  They read "Thank you for making my day so sweet!" with lines under the ice cream cones for me to write a personalized message. Everyone had a great time and I'm so pleased with how the Spiderman ice cream party turned out!   "

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