Ice Cream Party

We All Scream! -7yr- Guess the Flavor




Lynn in Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada


April 2005


Special Mention

We All Scream for Ice Cream Party!  For my daughter's 7th birthday she wanted an Ice Cream party after seeing some of the great ideas on this site. 

We made up on the computer some ice cream cone shapey invites that said on the front, "I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!".  On the inside it said, "You are invited to Faith's Ice Cream Shoppe to help celebrate her 7th birthday!"  At the bottom of the invite I put "Please wear clothes that you don't mind getting messy." 

We were very happy to have a beautiful sunny day so we could hold the party outside in the yard.  On the front gate of our yard we printed out a big sign that said, "Faith's Ice Cream Shoppe" and we decorated the gate & arbour with balloons and streamers.  All around the fence in the yard we put balloons taped to yellow party hats to look like ice cream cones.  They looked like a beautiful rainbow of sherbert cones!  On the shed we put a huge printed out ice cream sundae.  We had a ghetto blaster outside playing kids music and it made the whole place very fun & festive. 

When each guest arrived we made sure to meet them at the gate and say, "Welcome to the Ice Cream Parlor!"  We had made paper ice cream hats so each guest got to color and decorate them with stickers as they arrived.  It was good to have an activity to work on while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Then we played "Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Sundae".  Everyone had a printed paper cherry with their name on it that they tried to stick on the top of the sundae. Then we played an "Ice Cream Scoop" game where they were blindfolded and tried to scoop with a spoon, cotton balls from one bowl to another.  It is very funny because they can't tell whether they have any cotton balls on not on their spoon. Other games we played were "Freeze Tag" and "Freeze Dance". 

For prizes I had those little ice cream cones that have marshmallow inside.  Before we would play each game, or move onto the next event, we would have them all cheer "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" and then they would all scream as loud as they could.  (Little girls love to scream!)

Then we got to the main event, making the ice cream sundaes!  They each got a coupon and lined to get their ice cream.  My husband gave them a plastic sundae bowl(I got them for 50 cents each at a dollar store & decorated them with curling ribbon) & a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.  Then they went to the table to add all their toppings.  We had caramel & chocolate sauce, whipping cream in the spray can, smarties, jelly beans, mini coloured marshmallows, teddy grahams, coloured coconut, gummy worms, and mini rainbow chocolate chips.  The kids had a blast, and I let them make it however they wanted.  Most of them couldn't finish their sundaes because they all put waaaay to many toppings on.  But it was fun for them anyway. 

Then we went inside to open presents just so they could get out ot the sun for a while.  I had my daughter sit in a special chair & put a chair next to it.  Each guest gave her the gift they brought and got to sit in the chair next to her while she opened it.  And before they gave her their gift they gave her a "birthday blessing" by telling her what they liked or thought was special about her.  It was very sweet. 

After gift opening we played a "guess the flavor" game with Jelly Bellys and they had to close their eyes so they couldn't see the colour.  They had some very entertaining expressions as they tried to figure out what flavour "Peanut Butter" or "Buttered Popcorn" was.    We had a bit of time left before the end of the party so we went outside again and had a hula hoop contest since my daughter had received one as a gift and the girls all wanted to try it out. 

Then when it was time to go my daughter gave each of them their sundae cup (my husband had washed them out during present time), As a party favor we filled a flat bottom ice cream cone with jelly beans, wrapped them in plastic wrap, tied it with curling ribbon and a tag that said "It was sweet of you to come to my party!".  It was a fun and easy party to pull off and only cost me about $45 canadian total and we had 14 guests!  I would definately reccomend having it outside if it's nice so you won't worry about a sticky mess!

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