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Ice Cream Sleepover -13yr- Ice Cream Triva






January 2005


Special Mention

ICE CREAM PARTY 13 YEARS OLD:  I looove ice cream, so what better way to celebrate my 13th birthday than to have an ice cream party? 

INVITATIONS:  I created a recipe card with my own made up ice cream flavor.  The flavor was called JOYFUL JILLIAN'S JUICY ICE CREAM.  The colored recipe card said…"Ingredients: 5 silly girls, 1 birthday girl, 1 cup fun, 1 cup laughs, 1 night, 1 pinch of movies, and 100 galloons of ice cream!  Directions:  1)Mix together in a giant bowl at ADDRESS on DATE at TIME  2)Add in a pinch of movies and stir well.  3)Let simmer and pick up on DATE at TIME.  4)To ensure that the recipe will come out good, you will need the right ingredients.  Call PHONE NUMBER by DATE to make sure we have all of the ingrediants."….I decorated the recipe card with ice cream stickers.  Everyone thought that it was such a cute idea. 

DEOCRATIONS:  We didn't really have a theme (that had deocorations).  We used pink and purple as our theme.  We put up pink and purple balloons and used those colors for the main meal table and the ice cream table. 

FOOD:  We had regular pizza, cupcakes and ice cream (of course), donuts, and regular sleepover food (like cookies and chips) for snacks.  

THE PARTY:  As the kids came, we gathered in the kitchen to eat dinner.  Then, we played PIN CHERRY ON THE SUNDAE.  We made a large drawing of a Sunday and took big red circles with everyone's name on it.  The person who got the closest to the top of the sundae got to create their sundae first.  Next, we played ICE CREAM SCRAMBLE.  I made a big list of ice cream flavors, but they were scrambled.  Each person had to unscramble the names of the ice cream flavors.  The first person to unscramble all of the ice cream flavors correctly would be able to create their sundae second. 

Next, we played ICE CREAM RELAY.  There were groups of 2.  They stood at one end of the room.  On the other side was an outline of a sundae, one outline for each group.  My Mom would stand in front of the groups and ask them a trivia question about ice cream.  They were very easy ones, such as, WHAT ICE CREAM FLAVOR IS WHITE, ALL THOUGH THE REGULAR PRODUCT IS BROWN?  The answer to that would be vanilla.  Vanilla ice cream is white, but vanilla extract is brown.  All groups would get a chance to answer.  If you shouted out the right answer, you could run to the other side, pick up an ice cream piece to match the outline (like a cherry, spoon, etc., but all in paper) and tape it to the correct place on the outline.  Then, you would run back.  If you got the question wrong, you would stay in your spot.  Then, once everyone was back, you would ask another question, and the next person on your team would go.  The first team to tape all of the ice cream parts in the correct places would get to make their sundaes 3rd and 4th (whoever went first out of their team would be decided my flipping a coin). 

After that, we had chocolate cupcakes in an ice cream cone, each one with a candle or two.  Then, we created our ice cream sundaes.  Whoever won the first game went first, whoever won the second game went second, etc.  If the person who won the first game also won the second game, for example.  The second place person of the second team would create their sundaes second.  The rest of the people who didn't win any games just got in line behind everyone else.  I set out Haagen-Dazs ice cream, which is my favorite.  I had chocolate and vanilla.  I also set out chocolate and regular whipped cream, chocolate chips, nuts, cherries, and chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.  We ate our ice cream in ice cream shaped bowls bought from OTC (Oriental Trading Company).  The bowl is made to look like an ice cream bowl and the spoon is made to look like an ice cream cone.  However, the bowls were small, so we had plenty of people coming up for seconds. 

After that, we got ice cream cone shaped sand bottles and colored sand (bought from OTC).  We let the kids create their own sand ice cream!  Everyone's cones looked very pretty.  The cones were also necklaces!  Next, we went to a table where there were plated piled high with whipped cream.  On one of the plates was a cherry, buried beneath the whipped cream.  Each person was given a 'bib' and they had to try and find the cherry in their own plates, without using their hands.  I took plenty of pictures of everyone with whipped cream on their faces!  The person who won got a small bowl of ice cream to eat, but just plain ice cream, since we didn't want anyone to feel left out. 

Next, we watched movies.  We watched MEAN GIRLS, even though it didn't have to do anything with ice cream.  We also watched WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY next.  It sorta had to do with ice cream.  We watched that second because most kids have already seen that movie.  In the morning, we ate donuts and gave out goody bags.  GOODY BAGS:  We used cellophane bags and filled it up with wonderfully themed goodies from OTC.  We got ice cream cone shaped lip gloss, with the lip gloss being the ice cream, ice cream cone and popsicls shaped erasers, lots of gummy ice cream cones, and the sand bottles we did for a craft.  You could also include a certificate to a nearby ice cream store.  THIS PARTY WAS SO FUN.  IT HARDLY TOOK ANY PLANNING!  I HOPE MY IDEAS HELPED YOU.  HAPPY PARTYING!!!

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