Hot Wheels Party

Hot Wheels Party -6yr- Hot Dog Cars




Lynn in Coopersburg Pa USA


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

Birthday party for 6 year olds.  Theme "HOT WHEELS". 

We started off by having hot dogs made into race cars, using carrots for wheels and olives for the driver.  Of coarse we used toothpicks to hold on the wheels to the hotdog bun and attached the olive on top for the driver.  We made develed egg race cars, rice krispie treats to look like stop lights, oreo cookies for tires, jello jigglers that were shaped like race cars, gummy "Hot Wheels" on the center of each table (in their own bags of coase), mac and cheese the kids favorite, I cut up pickles to look like wheels, and of coarse the cake was a GIANT race track. 

For the cake it was 40 inches long by 20 inches wide, we put the "Hot Wheels" race track along the outside of the cake, made the icing brownish for dirt and used green coconut to look like grass on top, next in the middle we had the "WINNERS CIRCLE" which had a "Hot Wheels" "Birthday" car on a piece of track and it was jumping through a Fire Hoop, (which we made out of Yellow tissue paper and blow pens and a coat hanger), we made a big WINNERS flag and attached it to a straw that said "Winner car #6 Josh W.  Happy Birhtday"  The kids went crazy they just loved it! 

Games: we started off by having it at the school so we had long hallways, at each end there was a water fountain, we made pretend dotted yellow lines out of mat board and placed them in a straight line down the hall.  We picked teams and each child had to put on a helmet (bike one), and we made race cars out of paper boxes, we named each car "Lightning Bolt" and "Thunder Jack", we cut out legs wholes so each child had to climb in hold onto the handles on each side of the car and run to one water fountain then down the hall to the other and GAS UP! The kids did great cheering on their teammates. 

Next came the "Tire" race where we had a pair of mittens they had to put on (so their hands wouldnt get black),then they had to roll the tire down the hall and back again, we did this in teams also.  The tires were as heavy as most of the kids there. The kids were laughing so hard it was hard for them to roll the tires straight!

Next came the "Hot Potato" game where we had a "Hot Wheels" small trash can filled with wrapped "Hot Wheels" cars and they had to do the passing around of the can, when the music stops we had different things they had to do , pass it 2 to the right and 1 to the left etc... then we had a race track set up and had a race to the finish line, whomevers car got closest wins.  (we didnt give any prizes out we just had fun doing the games)

Treat Bags were made up with white lunch bags to look liked Stop Lights inside were few pieces of candy, long tall sugar straw, "Hot Wheels" gummys and a "Hot Wheels" t-shirt we made ourselves.  The kids had a blast and so did we!  The planning of this party was so easy and fun! 

Oh yes the Invatations we scanned our drivers license and took out our info and put my sons Birthday Picture where ours was and put in the address part the location of the party, on the right we did all his info about the time, date and so on of the party.  We wrote at the top right of the license Welcome to Josh's 6th "Hot Wheels" race car party.

For the Thank You cards we took a picture of each child got their name address phone #, height, D.O.B., eye color, and had them sign a piece of paper for their signature.  We did this all on the computer and wrote the Thank You's out as their very own drivers license.  Well hope you had as much fun as we did with this party!  Kids were so much fun and giggley.

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