Hot Wheels Party

Hot Wheels -6yr- Car Shaped Sandwiches




Barrie in Thousand Oaks, CA , USA


Sept 2002


Honorable Mention

My son loves Hot Wheels. So I got down to it and put together a hot wheel/race car themed party for his 6th birthday. 

I got black butcher paper at the school where I was working(can be purchased at a teacher supply store) and made a road and a large stop light....I made circles out of yellow, red and green and finished the light. I got white paper cut to resemble the lines in the road. I used Red and cut out stop signs. I made speed limit signs, by going to a SIGN web site and printed them out.

The speed limit was 6...his age. Signs were posted on the walk path and on the grass,as the kids entered.   inside I put up all sorts of road signs.  I had several stations set up.  On a  hot wheels  CD ROM, I was able to print out pictures of race cars and each child's name on it. One station was to color them and then stick them w/tape  on the walls. 

Another...I copied a Disneyland drivers license and asked parents ahead of time to bring a 1 x 1  head shot..then made the licenses and decorated them. 

Another table...WE made graham cracker  traffic lights, rectangle (chocolate grahams) with a bit of frosting and a spreader, with m and m's in yellow, red and green. A Sample was on the table. Also at that table was a car, an orange slice made the car and pretzels pushed through the axles and colored marshmallows the wheels.

Snack baggies were on the table w/names labeled to put inside when finished.  I had hot wheel tracks , set up by my son in another area for kids to play with , if they did not like the activities or finished first.  I made a car cake with green jelly beans (his fav) in the shape of his age , car #6!! Oreo's made the wheels. 

I got a car cookie cutter and made little finger sandwiches.    I made pasta salad out of wheels!!     Used check flags to decorate the area along w/hot wheel party ware.   I went to the library and got a tape on vehicles sounds..and played that at the party.   

For party favor bags, I used brown paper bags and the kids and I "sponge painted" cars and stop and go  signs, we got cute little stamps at Michael's.   WE used Gold/yellow, green and red paints.   Inside everyone got a hot wheel car (they even have pink for girls!!) and a pack of hot wheel candy gummy snacks, among a few other car related things.  And on the road that I made, I cut out cars and vans from magazines and glued them onto the road!!  Kids and parents had a great time!!!! It was a lot of fun!!!! My son was thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!

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