Hockey Party

Hockey Party -12yr- Player Meet & Greet




Jane in Pittsford, NY U.S.A.


March 2005



For my 12th birthday party, I invited 18 kids. I love hockey so I had a hockey theme.

INVITATIONS: I cut pieces of paper into a hockey puck shape and wrote all the information on it. It was really cool because my family is friends with the Buffalo Sabres hockey team so I got each of the invitations signed.

WHAT WE DID: When all the guests arrived, each of us had a Rochester Amerks T-shirt. We passed sharpies around and signed each other's shirt. It was awesome because right after that, we wore our shirts and got into a limo! We were going to the Blue Cross Arena to see the Rochester Amerks play! We all sat it box, or suite seats.  The food was great and fresh and we had the best view.

For the cake, I made it myself. It was a 5 layer cake and everyone loved it. You don't need to buy the cake, make it so you save money and usually most people like homemade cakes better than store-bought ones.

During half time, we went "backstage" and met all the players and some of my friends play hockey so they got tips to be a better player. When the Amerks won the game, we all cheered and blew bubbles. We rode the limo and we dropped off each guest to their own houses.

PARTY FAVORS: I gave each guest a hockey bag. Inside it was a mini hockey game that they could play.

For the thank you notes, each of the Amerk players signed the cards.

I thought that the birthday party was one of the funnest time of my life and I think that you should have a party just like mine. It's totally worth it.

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