Hockey Party

Street Hockey -8yr- Tie Dye Hockey Shirts




Sara in Westfield, MA  USA


June 2004



Each year my son has asked for a "sports themed" birthday party and now that he was turning eight, we were beginning to run out of ideas.  This year we decided to have his party at home and he chose to have a street hockey party. 

I made invitations on my home computer, using graphics depicting a hockey player, net, puck and roller blades.  I asked each child to come with roller blades, a hockey stick and a helmet if they had them.  Otherwise, we had a few extras for the kids that didn't. 

The morning of the party, my husband and son used sidewalk chalk to draw an official rink on the road in front of our home.  (Because we reside in a quiet neighborhood with little traffic, we were able to do this. 

A flat driveway would work just as well.  We made sure that the kids were supervised by an adult at all times and cautioned them that they would need to move out of the roadway if a car was coming.)  We had a net already and borrowed a second one from a friend. 

Prior to the party, my son and I tie-dyed t-shirts-half the shirts red and half blue.  Once we knew who was able to come to the party, we split the boys into two teams that would be fair- based on size, age and ability- and made a list of which boys got which color shirts. As the boys arrived, they were each handed their shirt and got right into the game. 

My husband served as referee while myself and some other parents cheered on the teams from the sidelines. The boys had a great time!

At half time, the kids had pizza, cake and presents were opened.  They couldn't wait to get back to the game! 

As a party favor, we gave each boy a street hockey ball and of course, they got to keep their t-shirt! 

I got many compliments from the boys and their parents.  This was a relatively inexpensive party and very little preparation was needed!

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