Hockey Party

Hockey All-Star Party - Shoot a Goal




Cathy in Markham, Ontario, Canada


February, 2000



Hockey All-Star Party This easy indoor party was put together in a matter of days when a February thaw cancelled our original skating rink party.  We told the kids to wear hockey jerseys if they had them.  We divided the kids up into 4 teams (4 to 5 per team) and assigned an older child to be the 'captain' of the team.  I had a total of 4 adults (coaches) to assist (they also wore hockey jerseys to add to the theme).  We planned a total of 5 activities. 

The first activity was to decorate a hockey crown with stickers or crayons.  (we had previously cut these out from bristol board - each team had their own color and we had pasted team emblems, which we downloaded from the NHL.COM website, on each crown.  We just chose teams to match the bristol board colors we bought. This helped the kids stay with their own team)  This activity was done while we waited for all the kids to arrive. 

Once they had all arrived, each team went to a different activity (the team captains had a list of where to go and in what order). 

The four activities were: 
1.Decorating gingerbread 'hockey' players from gingerbreadmen cut-outs with smarties, sprinkles, etc.

2. Skate Hunt - we had drawn and cut out hockey skates on different colors of construction paper.  They were hidden in a room.  Each child was to find one skate.  The coach would then give them a prize according to the color they found - i.e. every color was a different prize.  They could then decorate the skates if they wanted.

3. Shoot on a Goalie - we have a large basement so set up a hockey net and each child had a chance to score on the 'coach'.  If they scored they got a small prize.

4.  Musical Hockey Players - same as musical chairs and we used the music 'The Good Old Hockey Game' by Stompin' Tom Connors.

There was a coach in charge of each activity.  The children spent about 10-15 minutes at each activity.  Each activity was in a different room.  Each child got a paper bag to collect their prizes in.  

We had typical Hockey Arena snack stand food to eat - hotdogs, pop and popcorn and COSTCO decorated a cake on a hockey theme. 

We were also able to find a table cloth that was a hockey rink and co-ordinating plates at a party supply store.

We had children ranging in age from 3 to 7 and they all seemed to enjoy it.  Of course they all wanted to be a TORONTO MAPLE LEAF!!!!

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