Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty Slumber Party -5yr- Kitty Bingo




EMILY in Plant City, Florida  United States


January 2011


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 5th Birthday she wanted a Hello Kitty slumber party. We had 3 little girls attend (2 of the 3 had never spent the night away from the parents before). They all stayed the night and their parents stayed informed through me posting pics and messages on my facebook!!  It started at 6:00 Friday night and went until 12:30 Saturday afternoon.  

DECORATIONS consisted of tons of pink and white balloons along with a few Hello Kitty ones,a happy birthday banner and a pink tent"(a freestanding twin bed canopy) over the table filled with pink and white helium filled balloons with streamers hanging down. Pink table cloth HK plates pink cups and napkins. Rather than party hats I made a pink bow like HK's for the girls to wear.      Friday as the kids arrived (bathed and in pj's with a favorite doll/stuffed animal sleeping bag/pillow & change of clothes) I had a custom made Hello Kitty coloring book (made from images from the internet) that the children sat at the table to do.  

PARTY SNACKS  After they all had arrived we ate pizza chips and pink frosted cookies with sprite that they dispensed themselves from a HK mini water dispenser (Target).   

CRAFT TIME...I precut sleep masks (from white felt)and gave them gluepom poms shiny stickers etc.. for them to decorate it. I measured their heads and during the night I hand stitched elastic on the masks. 

GAMES....it took teamwork to do a HK puzzleHK bingo (printed from internet)played "pretty pretty princess" pin the bow on HK(I drew a HK head on posterboard and each child had a different colored large bow made from construction paper using a sleep mask for a blindfold). They watched themselves sing and dance with "Kidsbop"(it's a camera that shows them on the tv as they sing and dance to the music) they loved it!!  

SNACK time...popcorn in popcorn bags($tree)HK princess movie and sleeping bags. They all went to sleep resonably..LATE! Doughnuts for breakfast. 

ACTIVITIES in the morning... make-up and painting fingernails(they did each others!!!)and sparkles in their hair.  Dress-up time...I had a princess castle/runway and the girls used my daughters dress up consisting of dresses tutus hats boas shoescrowns purses princess wands jewelry microphones and even wigs and came down the hallway out onto the "runway" and I had a video camera set up to tape them as I went to make lunch. They stayed dressed up for the noon "tea party"!! 

CAKE...lunch/tea party... pb&j and ham&cheese flower shaped sandwiches(served on silver platers purchased at $tree) pretzels carrots & dip and pink and purple cupcakes with large diamond rings ($tree) as toppers and a HK topper for the BD girl and pink lemonade (from the HK dispenser).  

ACTIVITIES.. HK b-i-n-g-o coloring book time and they actually had time to just PLAY in the bedroom and then sat down to watch their previous "modeling" that I had recorded earlier(fun fun fun)!  Parents arrived and were able to view the video as well.   

FAVORS were small pink paper bags with HK stickers on them and we clipped the HK bow on the outside.  Each bag had a TOOTHBRUSH jewelryHK notepad/keychain lipglossHK pencilHK stickers HK lipgloss ring and HK emory board. It came to $2.25 per bag. They also took home the ring from the cupcakes their sleep mask that they decorated and the coloring book.  Daddy had taken our 2 yr. old son Luke away for the evening and came home late and Luke wanted to stay in the living room with me.  I layed him on the couch beside me and he kept looking at the girls laying on the floor and after a few had fallen asleep Luke finally said "Mommy why all these girls at ours house"!!  LOL                                                                                                                                   "

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