Gilligans Island Party

Gilligans Island Party - Half Coconut Glasses




Stephanie in Denham Springs Louisiana USA


August 2000


Honorable Mention

We are having the best party a Gilligans Island party.

We are having a who wants to be a Gillimore trivia contest and a look alike contest. 

We are having fish and mango, pineapples any kind of fruit.  We asked the girls to bring there swim suits and we will swim. 

My brother is a pro DJ so he will play Hawian music. 

We will limbo and have a fish net table cloth, paper palm trees, pineapples and coconuts as decorations and also a hamock. 

We are serving pineapple jucie in little half coconuts with umbrellas in them (paper umbrealls).  You can get ideas and great thing from www.gilligansisle.com. 

We will have espodes and themes songs playing in the back ground. 

We made computer invations with clip art.  We are taking a picture that everyone signs as a thank you note. 

We are using shovels and pales for spoons and serving bowls. 

You could have a misquitos or honeybees concert.  You can find a lot of info on yahoo.  It was a great party. 

Don't forget tiki torches and Mr.Howells teady bear as a decoration.  Don't forget coconut crème pie. 

You can get scripts on the web sight and put on a play.  Don't forget stuffed gorillas.You could have a really great time try it.

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