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Game Show Party - Newly Buds Game




Haley in United States


Feb. 2004



GAME SHOW PARTY!      Gather a bunch of your closest friends for an old-fashioned game show party!

INVITATIONS: Cut the invitations out of sturdy paper and write each guests name on a blank white label. Decorate with star stickers or other game show themed things. Write details (who, what, when, where, why)on the back. Deliver the invitations in envelopes filled with pretend money and candy coins!

PARTY: Start the party as guests arrive with game show music, available at a music store near you. Hand out two different color t-shirts, one per person. For example, one team wears red, and the other team wears white. (Be sure to split up teams beforehand, to avoid hurt feelings or pick out of a hat at the party.)Be sure to have snacks available at a nearby table for the guests to munch on during the party and in between the games.

GAME #1: The "Newly Buds Game" Split into partners. One person from each pair should leave the room. The players still in the room answer the following questions about their partner: ~How many siblings does your partner have? ~ What's her fave movie? ~ Would they pick chocolate or vanilla? Truth or dare? rock n roll or country? Pens or pencils? Cats or dogs? Hamburgers or hotdogs?~ Would she rather sing a song in front of the class or wear p.j's to school? give up weekends or summer vacation? ~ What color are her eyes?~. Bring the players back to the room and have them answer the questions how they would pick, but without knowing what their partner picked for them. The team with the most right answers wins.

GAME #2:"Staying Alive" With everyone sitting in a circle,place funny and random survival items in the middle. Items may include a can of tuna, a banana, an umbrella, a flashlight, or whatever you can think of. You must have one less item than the number of players, just like musical chairs. Start telling a random and silly story about a group of friends stranded on an island. While telling the story, every time you say the word "Sand", players must grab an item in the middle. The player left without an item is out. After each grab, return all but one item to the pile. When there is only one survivor left, the game ends.

GAME #3: "Higher or lower?" Look through ads before your party. Cut out pictures of five items you are interested in. Keep a list of all prices. At the party, label all of them with incorrect prices, and the players must guess if the real price is higher or lower than the told price. The player with most correct answers wins.

PRIZES AND GOODIES: Fake money such as chocolate coins and 100 grand candy bars. "New" cars(toy cars). Amazing Trips! ( to the ice cream or video store). Beautiful Jewelry (cheap jewelry or candy jewelry). Make sure everyone gets a prize! Good luck with your game show party!

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