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Minute To Win It Party -9yr- One Minute Games




Sherry in Penfield, NY USA


July 2010


Special Mention

For my son's 9th birthday we decided to do a Minute to Win It" party based on the TV show and using games direct from NBC. 

We printed out invitations on the computer that looked like they were official letters asking each child to come participate on the game show.  They were asked to call the "program manager" (me) if they wanted to compete.  We had 8 kids total which was a great number.  I probably wouldn't do it with more than 10.  We spent a long time researching the games so that they weren't too difficult and could be played by more than one kid at a time.  We came up with 14.  We did set the timer for a minute for each game but we usually just kept going until all of the kids had completed the task or given up. 

The party was 2hrs and we could have used a bit more time and we don't do presents so that would take longer.  Fortunately we have a large playroom with some carpet and some flooring so this worked well. We also did some games out in the garage and in the driveway.  We kept all the kids involved and tried to do many at a time so there was little waiting.  Here are a list of the games we chose.  Better directions and videos can be found on nbc.com.  We had the kids watch the instrucionals on the computer before each challenge. It was easier than me describing it and it was more like being on the real show. 

Paper Dragon: Each kid got two rolls of streamers that they placed on the ground.  They had to hold the end of one in each hand and unroll them.  (all kids together)

Apple Stack: try to stack 5 apples on top of each other (4 at a time)

Penny Hose: retrieve two pennies from the bottom of a pair of nylons by inching your hands down the legs.  Each hand can't help the other.  Very very funny (4 at a time)

Hanky Panky: Who can pull all the tissues out of a box first by only using one hand? (all together)  Then they helped clean them up.

Junk in the Trunk: I pre-taped strings to the bottom of all the boxes of tissues so they could immediately be tied around the kid's waist.  Fill them with ping-pong balls and see who can shake them out first by shaking their bottom.  (Did 4 kids at a time)

Hangover:  See if you can balance 6 hangers from a clothes rack.  Place one in the center of the other from the top to the floor without it falling  (only had two racks so two kids at a time did this.  They loved it though and they all did it 2x.)

Loner: try to knock a pencil down that is 15' away using marbles.  I had 4 kids stand the pencils and collect the marbles while 4 rolled and then they switched Separation Anxiety:  Sort skittles into the proper cups in order using only one hand

Face the Cookie: place an oreo on your head and get it into your mouth using only your face muscles.  Another very funny one! (4 at a time.. The other 4 were there to replace the cookies when they fell.)

On the nose: Two bowls of vaseline and cotton balls are placed on a table.  Empty bowls are placed at the other end of the room.  Kids must dip their nose in the vaseline get a cotton ball and run it to the other bowl.  To stay sanitary I gave each kid their own bowl of vaseline.  They did this 2 at a time.  Another huge hit.

Then we took a break for treats.  We made cupcakes with clocks on them and had an ice-cream bar.  Each kid had one minute to put whatever toppings they wanted on their ice cream.   After that we didn't have a lot of time so the last 4 were set up like stations and the kids wandered around until the parents arrived.  We had an adult with a timer man each area.

We had: Elephant March: put a tennis ball in a nylon.  Put the nylon over your head.  Swing the ball and knock over the water bottles.

Moovin' Cup:  40 plastic cups are stacked with one marked one on the bottom.  Keep putting the bottom cup on top until the marked one is on the bottom again.

Drop Sink:  Shot glasses are placed in fishbowls.  Try to sink the money into the glass by dropping it and not bending over.

Noodlin' Around:  Try to pick up 6 pieces of pasta off the table by using a piece of spaghetti in your mouth. 

For goodie bags I got large paper bags from the grocery store.  I printed out a huge stopwatch and each child's name above it and stapled it to the front.  In the bag we put: marbles pencil cereal box puzzle tissue box ping pong balls 40 cups skittles oreos pasta a nylon balloons and an electronic timer from the Dollar Tree.  These things were enough to play some of the games we had done at the party and some other ones.  We typed up a "Minute to Win It" home version with directions for 9 games they could do with these things and their timer after the party.   

For the thank you cards we again put the timer my son wrote a personal note and we included the website address where the kids could go play some MTWI games online.  We posted some clips from the party on youtube.  These can be seen by searching N's minute to win it birthday.   

It was not a very expensive party (cups are cheap if you can find a restaurant supply store) but it did take some planning and organization.  I did most of my shopping at the Dollar Tree.  Ping Pong balls can be purchased cheaply online if you have enough time. The kids all had a great time and we are already planning to do it again next year with different games.   Have fun!"

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