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January 2007



SuperBowl/ FootBall Birthday Party!!! Finally a football party for girls.

DECORATIONS: All over your house put paper footballs, flags with your teams name, pictures of you favorite palyer, streamers, and balloons. Also, take window markers and draw footballs, field goals, GO TEAM! and other little sayings and football related pictures. Purchase big dog beds and place them in front of the tv for the party.

Also, you can get a pinata in the shape of a football and fill it with footballs, candy, cards, note books, pencils, etc.  Or you could dye white t-shirts pink and paint on the front Super Bowl XLI" and then on the back paint "football's gone to the girls!" Try to have all of the decorations in one place like in the living room family room office or where ever your tv and food will be.

ACTIVITIES: You and your friends can decorate plain white t-shirts with fabric paint that read "Super Bowl XLI" or something similar with a picture of a football or helmet and your teams name on the back. Before and and after the game play football in the yard. If it's dark get glow in the dark neclaces bracelets earrings and body paint. You can also play  computer or video football games.

FOOD: Buy plain paper plates and cups and edible ink markers. Draw your name footballs  or anything you want on them. Buy chips dip pretzels nuts chicken wings monzerella sticks etc. For nachos buy plain tortilla chips and cover them with one layer of you cheese of choice and bake in a 350 degree oven for 5-7 minute then put on a second layer of a different cheese and bake another 10-15 minutes.

You can also make pizza bites. Buy pre cut biscuit dough tomatoe sauce pizza cheese and pepperonies. Flatten out the biscuit dough and cover in a thin layer of sauce cheese and pepperoni [you can put ham bacon or meatballs instead]. take another peice of biscuit dough and lay it on top and pinch the peices of dough together at the edges. Bake for 10 minutes in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Top with cheese.

For dessert you can make or buy cake. A great idea is a no cake icecream cake. Fill a  square cake pan with wax paper and fill it entirely with  the flavor or flavors of ice cream of your choice. Freeze for 3-6 hours.  Gently slide out of pan losening the sides woth a knife and frost. You can frost traditionly with a green field or better yet do the field light pink the goal posts purple and the football hotpink. You can buy platic players or football rings or football candles to put on top of the cake too. You can have soda punch or slushies.

GIFT BAGS: Fill plastic baggys with Cookies candy and little toys. Buy nail polish in the colors of the teams playing and make paper labels to tape over them that read "Super Bowl XLI" with a football picture on them. You can do the same for lip gloss bubbles and bath stuff too.

THANK YOU LETTERS: If your into thank you letters do this. Take a picture of all of the girls at the party and copy it onto a invatation making program on your computer. Put the picture on the front and try to get some sort of football border around it and put a thank you message on the inside personally sighing it gives a extra friendly touch. Fverall it’s a fun party with a girly touch."

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