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Jell-O Jigglers




Tina in Clanton, AL USA


December 2001



I usually serve color-coordinated Jell-O Jigglers squares at birthday parties and they are always a HUGE success. 

To make these, choose the flavors of Jell-O that best match your color scheme (I have used as many as 7 different flavors when my color scheme was the colors of the rainbow). 

Prepare the first flavor, using the box directions for Jigglers; then pour this mixture into a square pan and refrigerate. 

When this first layer is completely set, prepare next flavor, again using the box directions for Jigglers. 

Pour this second flavor into the square pan over the first flavor and refrigerate. 

Again, allow the Jell-O to cool and set completely before adding additional flavors, one at a time, following the same directions. 

After final flavor has cooled and set completely, cut the Jell-O into squares and serve in a clear dish to show off the beautifully melded colors. 

This dish is a perfect addition to any party spread.

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