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Decorate a Cake Activity




Kelly in Wake Forest, NC, United States


March 2004



For children's parties make sure you have lots of things to do to keep the children entertained and busy. 

One time I had a party for my son and I let the children help decorate his birthday cake.  I provided a nice big sheetcake and plenty of icing, decorations and edibles that could go on top!  Peanuts, sprinkles, coconut, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips etc.  I put each item in different bowls and put them in a circle around the table along with a teaspoon. 

Each child had two minutes, I used the kitchen timer, to go around the table and they got to choose the ingredients that they wanted to put on the cake.  Using the teaspoon makes it so that you don't get handfuls of coconut and a teaspoon of chocolate chips. 

The child could decorate the cake as they wished but only had two minutes!  Then after everyone had a chance to help decorate the cake I added candles and we all gathered around in a circle and sang happy birthday! The kids had a blast and said it was the best cake they ever tasted!

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