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Holly in Rock Hill, SC


October 2005


Special Mention

Fishing/Camping Themed Party 7 yr old boy  For his 7th birthday party, we did a sleepover this year with just three guests (total of 4 first grader boys). He decided he wanted a fishing themed party. Since it was a sleepover, we ended up making it a fishing and camping theme. 

INVITATIONS: Information was printed on tan colored paper in brown ink and then spritzed with a walnut ink mixture.  It was placed on handmade paper (brown) that was very rustic looking. I stamped a fish and then cut it out and put it at the top of the invitation with a 3-D adhesive and placed some jute behind it. Envelopes were also spritzed with walnut ink and chalked. Addresses were stamped with alphabet stamps (I was able to do this because I only had to do 3 invitations).

The 7 year old was able to help with the walnut ink and chalking (he liked being included in the process).Invitation read: ___ is trying to catch a few friends to get hooked on fishing with him. Join the angler for a 7th birthday celebration campout. Then I listed all the party details. Kids were asked to bring a sleeping bag and fishing pole if they had one (I borrowed extras if needed).  

DECORATIONS: Since it was a smaller party, we did not go all out with decorations. We couldn’t find any fishing themed plates/napkins so I got camouflaged instead. I hung streamers and balloons (also camouflage) in the eating area.  

FOOD: For supper we had hot dogs, which the kids roasted themselves over a fire. We have a fire pit, which is what we used. We had to watch them closely to make sure they didn’t get carried away and burn their dog. I also made some macaroni and cheese to accompany the hot dogs. Afterwards they roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.

Later on, as a snack, I gave them dirt. In small flowerpots (which I’d painted their names on), I had put chocolate pudding, topped with crumpled Oreos and then stuck in gummy worms. They thought this was pretty cool.

The birthday boy was able to help me prepare this dessert earlier in the day and enjoyed that. The kids kept the flowerpots as one of their party favors. The dirt was used in lieu of a cake so the candles were put in the birthday boy’s and presents followed.  

ACTIVITIES: Upon arrival of all the boys, we headed to a nearby lake to do some fishing. After returning we did supper (see above). Outside I had covered the table to our patio furniture with kraft paper. The kids ate out there as well as did crafts and it made for super easy clean up (I highly recommend!).

For the two crafts:

1) While I got things set up, my husband took the boys out in the woods behind our house to collect leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. Meanwhile I put out four blank white t-shirts and various paints and brushes. I chose paints in outdoorsy colors. I purchased 2 different types of paint (both fabric paint though). One is to be used with a brush and the other you can write or draw with. After their hunt through the woods, the boys came back and were able to decorate their shirts by painting the objects and pressing them onto the shirts. Then they could add whatever other words or drawings they chose.

2) As each child finished his shirt, I replaced it with a blank mason jar. I wrote each boy’s name on his and then they decorated those with paint also. I poked holes in the top so they could use them as bug catchers. Depending on where you live you could have them catch some lightning bugs that night as well. That was my original intent but there were no lightning bugs to be found. Obviously they get to keep the shirt and the jar as party favors. 

CAMPING: As the night wore on, we had the boys put on their PJs and head out to the two tents set up in our backyard. Each boy was given a flashlight with his name on it (which he kept as a party favor). I read them a story and told them to go to sleep (yeah right). The party was in mid September in the South. It was a HOT and muggy night. It didn’t take long for them to start wanting to come inside one by one. Eventually we moved them all inside (which I’d predicted).

My recommendation for this type of party would just be prepared for everyone to sleep inside because it most likely will end up that way (unless it’s older boys that are used to camping).   Overall the party was quite a hit. One child even said it was the best party he’d ever been to. I think the birthday boy had a ton of fun. He was given the option of a 2-hour party with more kids or a sleepover with only 3 kids and he chose the latter. I think it was a good choice.

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