Fire Truck Party

Emergency Rescue Party -6yr- Box Cars




Sally in Hobart, IN


April 2010


Honorable Mention

My son wanted an emergency rescue party for his 6th birthday and we are on a very tight budget. 

We made the invites at home. We went to the fire dept. and took pictures of him in a fire truck and in the ambulance. Also went to the police dept and took a picture in front of the police car. The last picture was of him wearing a doctor's mask, bandaging me up. The invite said RED ALERTĀ All emergency response teams needed! Fire Chief (child's name) needs your help putting out some blazes and celebrating his 6th birthday. Report to duty at (party location, date, time) (We put the picture of him in the fire truck next to this).

Then we said Call the emergency room, the ambulance is on the way! Insert picture of ambulance and being bandaged up. Then we said Oh No!!! Calling all detectives. Be on the lookout for a thief that ran off with an important part of the party. We will need your help to solve this crime. Insert picture of police car. We also gave the first clue. Everyone is still talking about the invites.

For decoration we made the front part of a jail out of very large cardboard and cardboard tubs (all free stuff). I used this to take the kids pictures in front of for their thank you cards. I also made a police car, ambulance, and a fire truck out of boxes (all free stuff). I put small rope from front to back so they could step in the cars and put the rope on their shoulders. I then made a house out of large cardboard. It was flat, just cut to shape of a house.

Drew on windows, the roof, and a door. We painted flames coming out of the windows and door. I put tacks in the back of the flames and taped it to the garage door. I put crime scene tape in front of it so no one would touch it. We also put crime scene tape in different areas of the yard.

When the kids arrived we had the K9 unit ready to do a demonstration. The officer explained the person in the bite suit would not get hurt but we were going to pretend he is the bad guy. He also explained about the dog, training, etc.

When the bad guy was attacked by the dog the kids cheered for the dog. We went in and ate. We had pizza, salad, bread sticks, donuts (the officer laughed), etc.

We then played some games. We had a race with the cars we made. They wore the cars and ran around cones till they arrived at the house on fire. They had one chance to put out the fire with a water balloon. Then they raced back to the next person. The kids loved this game. They did not want to stop.

After that I said there were people injured in the house fire and needed a Dr. to bandage them up. I put them I teams of two. One was the Dr. and the other the patient. I gave them rolls of toilet paper to use as the bandage. The first one done won a prize and the best bandage won a prize. I gave them bio hazard bags to clean up the mess. I had their supplies in a medical bag. Then I gave them clues to solve the crime of the missing part of the party. I had them look for a lady in black and white with a pony tail (my sister).

She gave them the next clue which was hidden. That clue gave them the next clue, and so on. The final clue was in the crime scene and it was the pinata.

Then we went in for cake and ice-cream. I made the cake myself. My son wanted a house on fire. I made two cakes (99 cent cake mix) and put them next to each other not on top. The house was made out of gram crackers. The roof shingles were the round candies. Pretzels for the windows and doors. Chocolate rocks were used for the sidewalk, driveway, and the boarder around the house. Broccoli for the bushes, celery for the trees, colored sprinkles for the flowers around the house.

Made a pond with blue gel icing, gold fish and Swedish fish were in the pond. Use the chocolate rooks around the bond. Cookie wafers were the road. I found candy stop signs. I put a match box police car, ambulance, and fire truck on the road. I found like fireman and police man action figures. I used fruit roll ups to make the flames coming out of the windows. Everyone loved the cake. My son didn't want to cut it up.

For party favors I bought fire hats, crime scene gum, and handcuffs from oriental trading. Pencils from the fire dept. Badges from the police dept. Everyone had a great time! And it was cheap and easy.

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