Fire Truck Party

Fire Station -3yr- Water Balloon Toss




Jennifer in San Diego, CA USA


May 2005


Honorable Mention

For my sons 3rd birthday we had a birthday party at Fire Station #3 (which was a clubhouse we rented out). 

The invitations were made out of card stock and read "Sound the Sirens!  Chief Caleb's Turning 3!"  The in side read "Calling all recruits (date and time), Fire Station #3 is located at (location), Sound the alarms by (RSVP date and number). 

For decorations I buoght foam board and made signs reading Fire Station #3 to hang up at the entrances to the clubhouse.  All tables had red table clothes and I found miniature city play sets that had a long rectangular play mat with roads and schools, libraries, firestations, etc and placed fire trcks and miniature die cast cars on them to mimick little towns as runners down the center of the guests tables. 

On the cake table I placed a large city map play table cloth and covered it with fire trucks and cars.  I found the table cloth at Party City and the center pieces at Big Lots.  For Serving bowls I found red and yellow bowls and glues fire chief badges on them to resemble fire helmets. 

For food we had make your own sandwiches, fruit and potatoe salads, lettuce salad and juice and pop.  The cake was a white sheet cake with a fire truck toy on it and a chief badge. 

For goodie bags I went to the dollar store and bought metal water pails that I spray painted red and with stencils spray painted the word FIRE in black on the front of them.  Inside the boys each got a nine pc. Fire rescue play kit that I bought for a dollar a set! 

They got candy and on a cookie sheet I made chocolate chip cookies and cut out dog bone shapes for the bags.  I placed them in orange lunch sacks and printed dog food (Dalmatian Snacks) lables off my computer to place on them. The girls got princess dress up sets with the same candies and cookies as the boys.

For games the kids had a water balloon toss, I made a house out of cardboard cutting out square windows with paper flames in the bottom for them to throw blue ( water) bean bags through. 

Then a relay where they earned their official training completion certificates.  At the start line the kids, one at a time, had to push a fire truck about 15 feet to a red "X" made out of poster board, from there they picked up a squirt gun where they had to shoot down craft foam flames I adhered to cans. 

Once all the cans were shot down they ran behind the house (same one as the bean bag toss) where they had to rescue BOODAH the stuffed dog.  Then they ran back to the "X", stop, drop and rolled and returned the fire truck to the finish line for the next kid to run the relay. 

I printed Achievement certificates and bought WINNER medals and chief badges at the local party City.  I placed the certificates in certificate frames from the 99 cent store.  Rather then give prizes we had an award ceremony for the kids and gave them their certificates, badges, and medals.

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