The Fiesta Celebration

Mexican Fiesta -11yr- A Sombero for Each Guest




Vicki in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


August 2004



For our son's 11th Birthday Party, he requested an extremely easy theme.  A Mexican Fiesta. 

Guests arrived at dusk to a "gringo" taking a "siesta" in our front yard.  We stuffed our friend's pants and long sleeve shirt with newspapers, just as a scarecrow would be stuffed.  Crossing the legs and the arms and placing a large sombrero where the head was suppose to be.  We propped our friend against a tree and he looked like he was taking a nap. 

When guests came to the door, they were greeted with their own sombero to wear.  With Mexican music wafting throughout the house, we escorted them outside to a table decorated with a red cloth and swatches of Mexican colored cloth napkins used as runners.  Small festive Fiesta lights were attached onto the umbrella. 

The food was obviously make-their-own tacos, with all the fixings.  We also scrubbed out clay pots (don't forget the tin foil to plug up the holes) put the sauces inside.  We served Flan and Mexican Wedding Cookies, in addition to the cake. 

We made Kid sangria ahead of time with cranberry juice, fresh oranges and lemons mixed with Seven-Up.  Slice the oranges and lemons and let the slices float.  We poured the sangria into plastic margarita glasses. 

The party games began obviously with a candy filled Pinata (donkey shaped).  We also laced string throughout the yard going over bushes and around trees and attached a $5.00 Blockbuster Video card to the end.  Surprisingly, the string hunt lasted longer than expected. To cap off the evening, what Fiesta wouldn't be complete without fireworks! 

Due to noise and neighborhood restrictions, we purchased only ground fireworks.  Fountains, sparklers, and spinners.  Simple paper bag "Gift Bags" with Spanish words were handed out that include a slew of Mexican goodies.  Marraca pens, marracas to play, glow sticks (all ordered from Oriental Trading, including the somberos) and spicy hot tamalie jelly beans. 

All the boys said it was the best party they'd ever attended.

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