The Fiesta Celebration

Mexican Fiesta -9yr- Mexican Jumping Beans




Ruth in Athens, TN  USA


February 2001


Honorable Mention

Mexican Fiesta  Planning parties for older children can be a real challenge.  For my son's 9th birthday we had a Mexican Fiesta. 

There are lots of pre-made decorations available but homemade ones are more fun and less expensive.  We began by making in advance strands of red peppers for decorations.  We made them by twisting tissue paper into the desired shape and then covering them with masking tape and painting them red. 

We hung streamers of red, green and white (the colors of Mexico's flag).    We also made in advance paper mache maracas.  One pair for each invited guest plus a few for decorations.  These were made by covering water bomb sized balloons with paper mache. 

When they were completely dry, we cut off the tied end of the balloon and inserted dried beans and rice.  Then we used a length of wooden dowel and hot glued them in place for the handle.  As the children arrived, each one painted their own maracas.  (This was set up on a table in the yard.)  When they finished the craft, sponge painting the paved drive was a fun event. 

Sponges shaped like cactus, coyotes, adobes, etc were purchased at a craft store, and washable paints were used. 

Party favors included their maracas, a sombrero for each child, treat bags with poppers, toys, and candy from the piñata.  The best favor of all was individual boxes of Mexican Jumping Beans. 

Our cake was cut in the shape of a very large cactus with toothpicks for spines, and the food was of course a large variety of Mexican dishes.   

Entertainment included a piñata, games and some teamwork on interpreting some simple Spanish words.  Our Fiesta was lots of fun, and when it was over, we were in need of a long Siesta.

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