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Fairy Party 5yr - Cupcake Decorating




Amie in Henderson, NV USA


April 2003


Special Mention

Fairy Party - 5 year old birthday   April, 2003  First I would like to say thank you to all the people who have posted ideas in the past.  They have really helped me develop ideas for parties in the past - especially this one!  Invitations:  I wrote a poem inviting them to the party, used computer program to make invitation.  A picture of a flying fairy, curling ribbon on the corner and lots of glitter in the envelope made the invitation complete.  Invited the girls to come dressed in their "fairy-best."  (leotard, too-too etc.) 

Decorations:  Most of the party was done outside.  I used pastel easter basket grass in the bushes and 125 pastel balloons hanging from trees etc.  I consentrated on one large tree in the backyard that was designated the fairy tree and hung more than half of the balloons in it.  I made a few banners generated from the computer with happy birthday etc.  I also printed some fairies, cut them out and pasted them around, on windows, on sticks in flower arrangements etc. 

Party Outline:  Had party from 2 - 4 p.m. so I didn't feed them a meal - just fairy "treat" food.  Had four fairy helpers (girls aged 8-12) to help with the "stations", Grandmother who was the "fairy godmother" dressed in lace, crown and feather boa. 

As the girls arrived: Fairy Godmother introduces herself & fairy helpers DO ON GRASS! Blind-fold each girl  & Spin her around three times Ask her if she believes in fairies to clap three times Take off blindfold Fairy Godmother says as she taps the girls head with a wand bippity-boppity-boo & says she is a fairy, just for today. Helper puts on her wings, blows bubbles & throws glitter Helper escorts new little fairy to the family room.  Watch Barbie the Nutcracker while they wait for guest to arrive  Read fairy story after all the girls arrive in living room Who is our special birthday fairy today? Ask them if they can think of any stories about fairies or that have fairies in them then read special fairy story. Tell they are going to become more like fairies helpers in the backyard. 

Stations: - CD of Tschykovsky in the background - Helper to hide coins in front yard 

1-Make-up   Glitter on face & hands Paint fingernails with glitter polish Glitter lip gloss (Assemble favor bags with each fairy’s makeup each bag marked) 

2-Cupcake decorating  Frost & decorate cupcakes - Place a candle on each Birthday girl to decorate fairy cake barbie doll lying flat on the plate, a single round layer of cake cut in half and put on each side of the barbie to serve as her wings. 

3-Arm bands decorated with bells on curling ribbon place arm bands above the elbows to dance with 

4-Beaded bobby pins Fairies String ribbon with pastel beads Attach to bobby pins and then take to person doing hair 

5-Flower crowns/accessorize hair (Mom) Make crowns with their hair in ponytail holders, braid etc. Place fresh flowers and baby’s breath in hair  

6-Fairy Food pastel cotton candy in small pieces, pink sugar wafer cookies, pink marshmallow cookies, pastel fish crackers, grapes, black olives, mini carrots, pastel M&Ms 

Fairy-Freeze Dance:  Stop and start Nutcracker music  Fairy Godmother to explain fairies are to dance under the magical fairy tree and freeze when music is off Helper to give fairies their wands to dance with Helper to blow bubbles 

Tooth fairy lost her magical money :    Fairy Godmother to tell them that the tooth fairy called her to say that she had spilled her money while flying over need our little fairies' help. Fairies get their favor bags from the make-up helper. Let them out the side gate by the garden to front yard.  Fairies go on their treasure hunt Fairy Godmother tells fairies they have been so good they can keep the money and share it with their families.  Special Birthday wishes to birthday girl. 

Sing Happy Birthday & Eat Cake - open gifts  Helper to assemble favor bags for each girl while we sing HB/cake/gifts:  

Favors include: wand, glitter lip-gloss, glitter makeup, chocolate coins, wings, flowers in hair, beaded hairpiece, bell arm bands  Helpful hints:  get all the help you can - the fairy godmother worked as the MC so Mom was free to keep things moving behind the scenes. 

Take lots of pictures - I cried at how beautiful all the girls looked when they were finished; flowers, wings etc.  I got most of the favor/decoration stuff at the dollar store - including the girls wings.  The fairy freeze dance was the highlight activity.  The cotton candy & olives were the food favs.  The hair flowers the girls favorite station, although they loved them all.  I didn't organize the girls during the station time - just let them roam and do things at their own pace, an advantage to having each station maned with a helper.  The decorations were easy, inexpensive and impactful - lots of balloons. 

By far my best party yet - had lots of compliments.  In fact I went out to dinner with my husband that night and ran into one of our little fairies in the restaurant with her family . . . . Still in her fairy outfit, wings and all!

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