Fairy Party

Fairy Party 4yr - Fairy Wands and Wings




Suzanne in Bartlett, Tennessee USA


February 2006


Special Mention

For my daughter Addie's 4th Birthday, we decided to have a Fairy Birthday party.  

On the left side of the invitation, I found a picture that looked like a good woodsy-fairy-like background.  I took a picture that I had taken of my daughter and used the Paint program in MS Windows to cut around her and put it on top of the background.  I found some butterfly wings in a picture and I copied them and pasted them and made her look like she had wings.  I used the flip horizontal feature to make 2 wings.  I used the splatter tool to make her a little crown and a little wand.  I bought some (fairy dust) body glitter at Walgreens and put a little in the envelope with the invitation. 

I asked in the invitation that the girls wear a leotard.  I ordered fairy wings from off of the internet from one of your sponsors, Birthday Party Express.  I made my own wands.  It was Christmas time so I bought some irridescent glass like star ornaments, purple foam, wooden sticks all from Michael's.  The ornament had a little circle for hanging so I hotglued that end to the stick. 

I had bought some clearance sea foam green skinny ribbon from Garden Ridge that I had in my art stuff.  I hot-glued a loop of ribbon at the bottom to wrap around the wrist.  I hot-glued a piece of the purple foam just wide enough to overlap around the stick.  I criss-crossed the ribbon all the way up and around the stick and this closed up the gap.  I tied some extra ribbons and put a bead at the end with a knot on the hanging ribbons. 

I also found that it gives a neat look if you put extra hot glue where I attached the star and sprinkle the "fairy dust" on it.  I put a bit of silver Christmas ribbon 2.5"? Wide around the bottom of the wand near the wrist loop for a finishing touch.  They were adorable. I made fairy skirts from some royal blue, sea foam green and purple wide ribbons that were like cellophane.  I took this stretchy furry string I had bought a couple of years ago from Garden Ridge.  I tied a circle big enough to stretch around their waist. 

Then, I took around 2 feet long pieces of the wide ribbon and folded them in half, laid it on the waist band and bent the 2 hanging pieces back around the waistband and then back through the loop that it made.  I would say about 25 pieces or so.  I bought purple foam crowns from Michael's and wrote each girl's name in green glitter.  

I made my own cake.   She said she wanted fairy's and a castle on her cake.  I was sick the day of the party so we had postponed her party so I had her Fairytopia land and fairies that I had bought her for Christmas.  I made pretty green icing to match the toy and stuck it on a strawberry frosting (pink) covered cake.  I used the leaf tool to make leaves coming off of the toy like it was covered in vines.  I put some all around the border.    

As the girls arrived, I had them change into their fairy clothes.  I told them that we were going to turn them into real fairies.  Once they all arrived I called them into the living room and sprinkled them with Fairy dust in their hair, faces, arms to turn them into real fairies.  They loved it and wanted to know where I got it and I told them the fairy store and that it was real fairy dust.  I played classical music during the entire party.  I set up our video camera and attached it to our big screen TV and we had LIVE FAIRY TV. 

We then went to the kitchen and I had pre-cut out shrinky dinks in circles and had pre-drawn fairies on each one with a skinny black sharpie.  I had them color their fairy necklaces with colored pencils.  I bought some irridescent shiny lanyard cord which doesn't tie well at all.  I shrunk them while the girls were watching themselves dance on tv and playing in my daughter's room.  

They were just adorable watching themselves on TV and practicing ballet moves.  It served multiple purposes - entertainment for the parents as they sat and watched, entertainment for the fairies and recorded the whole event.  We read a story.  Then, I made them shout Tinkerbell loudly if they wanted cake.  I had my dining room set up with card tables with purple banquet vinyl tablecloths.  I had Tinkerbell plates and napkins.  

I also had a Tinkerbell tablecloth I put on the kitchen table displaying the cake and with 2 vases with pink tulips in one and these pink fairy-looking bell shaped flowers in the other.    I had fairy toys as center pieces with irridescent star confetti on the tables.  Pink and purple balloons and streamers.  We opened presents after that.  I forgot to mention my fairy trees.  I have a collection of fairies that I have made from wooden beads for heads, pipe cleaners for arms,legs and wings, and silk flower petals and parts for fairy skirts and crowns and thread for hair. 

I bought 3 small trees at Michaels since her birthday is really Christmas Eve and put miniature sparkling lights on it along with the fairies in our foyer.  Actually, she hung them all on the tree, toward the bottom, all together. 

I made goody bags from pink and purple tissue paper and tied it closed with matching curling ribbon.  I put a sheet of butterfly stickers, glow in the dark butterflies I found at Hobby Lobby, Hershey's kisses, bubbles, plastic necklaces and bracelets that I had bought from a wholesale store from parties before.  I forgot to hand out the goody bags.  They went home with their wings, crowns, wands, skirts and necklaces though. 

I pride myself on my parties and I owe it all to you and the people who submit all of the great ideas I have been able to find on your website!  Thank you! Suzanne  I did use several other ideas from your website that I did not include so that I wouldn't disqualify myself.

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