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Fairy Party 1yr - Fairy Cake




Abigail  in Mount Olive, Alabama, USA


April 2002


Special Mention

A Fairy Birthday party  My daughter was turning ONE and I wanted something unique that people would remember. I had used the Boxed ready to go Birthday sets for my son's birthday and he loved them but I wanted something unique for my daughter. So I came up with the idea of a Fairy Birthday Party. 

Invitations: I dressed my daughter up in a pair of wings made by me (But they can be purchased at any costume store or even found on a online auction) and I made her a halo of Flowers for her head. I also made a Wand by taking a wooden steak skewer, glitter glue and construction paper. I put her in a pink dress and she looked adorable. I then took her picture. I printed her picture onto some invitations (But the picture can be glued to the front of the invitation. Actually if you do this you can take a whole roll of film and each invitation can have a different picture of your little fairy on it and it saves money) Inside the card it read: This past year has been fun but soon ______ will be turning one! Flowers, Butterflies and the many beauties found outside are a few of her favorite things. So for one special day she will have her own set of wings.  

Decorations: This was the fun part! I had a few of those pictures I took of my daughter blown up and framed. I also had printed 50 out of sticker paper (This can be done only if you have a picture quality printer) and on each napkin I put the sticker of the birthday fairy!  I used the colors Purple, Blue and pink. The napkins were pink the plates were purple and the cups were blue.

I hung balloons from trees outside where the tables were sat and I also hung balloons from the ceiling where the guest arrived to give it a kind of fairy cave feel. I also hung star garland that you can buy or make yourself. It was springtime so I had plenty flowers in my yard to cut and decorate with. But if you don't have any the grocery store always has fresh cut flowers for inexpensive.

We had invited 10 children and 40 adults (big family) on the children's table I had asked around and found out which kids would need a highchair and borrowed from family so that the parents could relax and let the younger guest enjoy their selves. At the table on the back of each chair and highchair I used Velcro to place little wings I made out of coat hangers and sheer white fabric that I found at a fabric store in the clearance items. In front of the child's seat I had their plate and on one side I had the wand I had made them and on the other a thing of bubbles.

Behind their plate was the gift bag I had made. In the center of the table I had fresh cut flowers and a doll dressed as a fairy. On the adults table I had a flowerpot in the middle full of M&Ms with a silk flower in the center.  On the food table I had the pictures I had framed of my daughter. My daughter had on her fairy wings and flower halo and I had on a pair of wings myself along with some other adventurous moms. 

Food: The party was from 2-4 since she wakes up from her nap at 2. So lunch didn't have to be served and that saved money. The cake was a three-tiered cake with fairies and flowers I had bought at a cake supply store all over it. Each layer was a separate color pink blue and purple. Inside a hollowed out cabbage I had put the ranch dip and beside it the chips (in a flower pot brand new of course). I also took wooden steak skewers and put grapes and strawberries on them and at the top put a melon I had cut into the shape of a star with a cookie cutter. This made the fruit look like magic wands and made it easier to eat for little hands. Inside a hollowed out melon I put a dip for the fruit wands.

On the kids table I had 4 different flowerpots with items that children just learning to eat solid foods could snack on. Such as the Gerber graduate toddler items, froot loops etc. The parents appreciated this because at a birthday party those younger guest are often forgotten. In a large metal washtub I put caned drinks on ice in the yard. And on a table I had lemonade with lemons sliced on everyone's cup already. 

Games: The age range at this party was from 8 months-8 years among the kids so I had to come up with something all could enjoy. I found little plastic fairies and hide them around the garden and flowers. They had small plastic flowerpots and they had to find as many fairies as they could. The winner won a Fairy princess crown. It was fun and crazy but the best part was the kids loved it!  Party favors: I purchased colored paper bags at a dollar store 5 for $1. On each bag I put a picture of my fairy princess and inside I put Pixie sticks (a lot) skittles, Fairy stickers and a small thing of party favor playdo. They also got to keep their wings, wands and bubbles.  

Directions for hand made items: Wands- 10 wooden steak skewers, Elmers glitter glue pens and paint glue, Construction paper or any thick paper. Cut out 20 small stars all the exact same size (use a example to trace by) Glue two stars to the top of the steak skewer and let dry. Once dry paint one side of the star with the glue pen. Once dry turn over and do other side. Then use the paint glitter glue and paint the wooden wand.  Wings- 10 coat hangers, and some type of sheer fabric, strong packaging tape and a glue gun. Mold hangers into wings. Cover with fabric. Tape around the center to secure and glue once you have it just the way you want it. Decorate with glitter, ribbons, etc. Bubbles- buy 10 of the wedding favor bubbles. They are plan and need decorated. Use your glitter paint and decorate! 

COST: Wands- $3 Wings- $5 Bubbles-$2 Party favor bags- $5 Food- $15 Decorations- $10 Total- $40   ( This is the cost of doing everything yourself )

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