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Dr. Seuss' Carnival Party -2yr- Fishing Game




Tina in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada


March 2008



For my son's second birthday we decided to have a Dr.Seuss' Carnival Party" It turned out to be a fantastic day. 

We had 10 children and 50 Adults (quite a large party) We set the scene with a homemade Carnival banner posted on our front yard surrounded by red and white balloons. I handmade the invitations with red and white card stock in a whimsical design with a pop up Cat in the hat which read:  "We're having a Carnival Party! ______ is turning Two! 

The Cat will be there along with the Fish games and prizes to be won!  So get in your who-train: Date Start making tracks: Time Meet us all at the prairie of prax: Place Don't forget to RSVP the Cat: Phone number  We are having a Carnival Party! It's plain as can be! I want you to celebrate with me!" 

I had it outdoors with a tent set up. I decorated the tent with red and white streamers to resemble a carnival tent. I then hung cut out Cat in the hat "HATS" all over from the roof of the tent. All over our back yard fence were blown up cutouts of all Dr. Seuss' characters. Bunches of red and white and blue balloons were also tied to the fence posts and the top of the tent.

There were several carnival style games for the kids to play such as "The Fishing game" "Pin the Hat on the Cat" and "Ball toss" which My father constructed out of wood. The object of the ball toss was to throw the ball into the top of the Cat in the Hat's "HAT".  We also had an arts and crafts station where they got to decorate silly sunglasses hats and door hangers. We photographed the kids with the silly hats and glasses and printed them on to magnetic paper. It was a nice take home gift. The kids had a blast.

To reward them we had a prize station set up and after every game they played they received tickets to redeem for prizes. Their loots bags were one of  Dr. Seuss' books and an eraser and pencil kit also with the Dr. Seuss' theme. For the Adults we passed around a jar of Jelly beans and they had to guess how many were in the jar. Everyone went home with a bag of homemade Caramel popcorn.

The kids food consisted of fun coloured juice with silly straws pogo dogs hamburgers and french fries which I served in carnival style containers. The cake was a large number two decorated with pictures of Dr. Seuss' characters and the side of the cake was piped with red and white icing. EVERYONE HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!  "

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