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Dr. Seuss Party -4yr- Start Bellied Sneech Shirts




Marissa in Lubbock, Texas, USA


March 2004



Dr. Seuss Theme party: For my 4 year old son we chose the Dr. Seuss theme since he had the Cat in the Hat costume from Halloween.

I used the Paint workshop to make his invitations by copying a hat pattern from another site which I had to draw the lines of the hat & "paint" them red & white striped. The top of the hat read "Andrew's 4th Birday" and in the center I pasted a picture of him in his Halloween costume (he looks just like Mike Myers in the movie, The Cat in the Hat with facial cat hair & a cat snout!).

On the other side I borrowed the wording "We're having a party, it's plain as can be, I want you to come & celebrate with me. The Cat will be there, along with the Fish, Horton & Sam, the 2 Things - We Wish! So get in your Who-Train on (date), Start making Tracks at (time), Meet us all at the Prairie of Prax at (address).

I made Star-Bellied Sneech T-shirts by purchasing Yellow t's and painting a big green star on the belly and put a white boa half-way around the neck.  One child threw a fit but the rest of the kids were great sports & wore them. I made transparencies of some of the Dr. Seuss books, used a projector and enlarged the pictures to color them & place them all around the house. 

We cut out green stars and hung them from the arches of our dining room and my husband helped put streamers from the top of the ceiling. The tables had Cat in the Hat covers & I placed fish bowls with "Goldfish" crackers in them and used them as balloon weights for each table. The house looked like a Dr. Seuss carnival!

The cake was ordered from a bakery in a Cat in the Hat theme.  The birthday boy's sister & a friend's baby (they are both 11 months old) were Thing 1 & 2. I bought 2 red onsie t-shirts and bought white material & adhesive material to make the circle on the front of the onsie & used material paint to put "Thing 1" and "Thing 2". Both girls have tons of hair, so we teased it and colored it with blue hairspray that I bought from Sally's (which washed out very easily).

Each child took a momento picture with The Things and they turned out so precious! We played musical "Hat" which we used the stovepipe hat to pass around from one child's head to another.

Needless to say - The party was a huge success & the birthday boy was one happy "CAT!"

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