Dora The Explorer Party

Dora's Pirate Adventure -3yr- Pin Swiper's Tail




Wilcoxson in Coral Springs, Fl. U.S.A.


February 2005


Special Mention

Dora's Pirate Adventure  3 year old party I went to the Nick Jr. web site and they had Dora's Pirate B-day invitation, then I bought mine invitation. I decorated them with Dora's stickers, saying it's a Dora's Pirate Party, Ahoy. Matey, etc. When  the guests arrived (children 11months to 8 years old) they were given to color a Boot Mask from the Nick Jr. magazine. And making maracas pasting stickers and putting beans inside small water bottles, and for the older children we're making a Dora's bracelet. So these activities gave us time to wait for all the pirates to arrive.

Our house was decorated with orange, purple and yellow balloons and streamers the same colors. For the principal decoration I had a round table with two tablecloth first yellow, hot pink on top. A friend made big Mexican tissue flowers, matching the balloons and tablecloth. Stuck on the ceiling I hung up the biggest flower from there 3 streamers came down to each side. In the center of the table I had a Dora's center piece. I covered a big popcorn can with b-day paper, around I glue Mexican flowers on top I put another Mexican flower , on top of this flower I had a Dora's doll on top. Like coming out of the box.

When everybody arrived I started the Pop-up Pirate game. I bought this game at target. I bought the Dora's cd at Amazon.com for the next games Dancing with Dora's Friends . I bough yellow paper plates then I put a sticker of Doraon a plate, in another plate Boots, etc. Then we played the cd. The children were dancing when the music stop, they had to pick-up a plate, from a Mariachi hat one of the parents pick-up a name that child comes out , but they thought they were wining because they'll will get a present.( I covered a box with Dora's cut outs, then in the middle I made a hole. I filled this box with toys from the dollar store). The last child dancing was the winner and she got a present that she choose.

After this game we play Island of fun. I put some hoola loop on the floor I explained to the children when the music stop everybody has to go inside the island (the hoola loop). This game everyone had so much fun even the parents, everybody got a present from the Dora's box. .The food for the children were hot dogs, serve in blue paper plates, I made a sail of contrution paper insert in the middle with a wooden skuer I put on top of the hot dog to make a sail boat. Around the hot dog gold  fishes color.  Nick Jr. web site has a pattern for a back pack and  pirate's hat. I made purple foam back packs and black contrution paper pirate's hat, for all the children,  Then I asked the children If you don't know which way to go who do you ask they answered the Map. So I told them to take their maps from their backpack I played the Dora's cd , we sang the song I stop the cd to say our places. 

We're are we going to a Treasure Hunt, Bubble Bridge, Crocodile Lake,  Tropical Forest, at this time the children were wearing their Pirate's hats and have their backpack The map was our back yard, I called the pool Crocodile Lake, my husband put a big plastic crocodile in the middle of the pool. Because of the different ages, some of them they do not know how to read, my map was decorated with stickers, telling where to go with little feet and arrows I said VAMONOS, Let's go the children looked at the map and I guided them to  to find the first clue, inside plastic eggs , I put little frogs, I said what do you have to find now?  They said A FROG, Then we had to go  over bubble bridge.  

I have a toy called Wittley he looks like the ugly old troll, he can speak  all the children were amazed . When we crossed the bridge, (small piece of pipe and Styrofoam). We went to the Frog, he had a butterfly, the children knew they will have to find another butterfly, then I had Mr. Toucan, a bird this time the children were running to the next clue. The clue was a monkey in the map Boots was guarding the treasure. Finally went they found the treasure box. ( I covered a big cooler box with aluminum foil paper, inside gold paper.

First I put toys wrapped for boys in blue b-day paper for girls in yellow, then I covered this toys with fake money from the dollar store. On top of these I put gold paper with gold coins a lot of stone rings, pearls and necklaces from the dollar store). The children opened the treasure chest they said look we found gold, then the older ones kept digging and they shout Money and then  my daughter said Presents. Each one took one present , coins and jewels and money. Everybody was so happy.

I said it's time to play pin Swiper's tail, I enlarge swipper and color,  I left his tail off. I put double stick tape, because of the age of the children). After this we had a Dora's b-day cake.  Then we went outside for the Pinata, we started with the youngest child, everyone had a lot of fun. The food for the adults, Mexican Hormel Dip and Chips, Pastelitos, Shrimp Cocktail, quesadillas, rice and chicken, chili and slush. To take home I made copies of Dora's Pirate Adventure Coloring Book, In the goodie bags they had an alligator sponge, and Dora's fruit snack bought at the Supermarket. Of course all the children got the certificate YOU DID IT! LO HICISTES! The certificate and the coloring pages were free from Nick Jr. web site.

The parents are asking me now to invite them for next year birthday. Thank God everybody had a Blast.

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