Dora The Explorer Party

Dora Explorer Bug Party -4yr- Busy Bee Boogie




Denise  in Bainbridge, PA, USA


Dec 2002



Dora Explorer Bug Party  My daughter wanted a bug party for her fourth birthday and I had gathered some stuff, when she got really into Dora the Explorer and wanted to change her party. Since I had already had some bug party stuff and wanted to use it. WE had a DORA THE EXPLORER EXPLORES BUGS PARTY. After all, explorers love adventure! I decided to use the Dora Show format for the party. The guests upon arrival were able to pick out a bug sticker to wear and look through different bug picture books with large magnifying glasses. The children enjoyed this search and see of the books. After all the guests arrived we had backpacks for all of the children complete with their names on them, inside were ladybug stickers and a piece of bug sidewalk chalk.

I made the backpacks from purple gift bags and construction paper (a big hit, I found the directions online). The "backpack" was used to keep all the stuff (prizes) collected throughout the party. The children found out that we were on a bug hunt in search of the "ladybug" so we consulted MAP and the children joined together to sing the map song. Map showed us that we needed to go through the Beautiful Meadow, into Spider Web Cave, and finally to the Party Garden. The Beautiful Meadow was decorated with tissue paper flowers, a blow-up bee, a blow-up butterfly and two blow-up ants. We followed a path between the flowers and while in the meadow we played two games.

(1.) What's in the Backpack- The backpack is passed around and children try to guess what is inside. Each child got to reach in a keep one item from the backpack. The backpack was full of beautiful plastic butterflies. This idea was adapted from one I saw on this site.

(2.) Busy Bee Boogie- in this game children try to get yellow Ping-Pong balls into different flower decorated containers. I used plastic dishes and vases from a dollar store with white cardboard petals taped to them for the flowers. The balls bounce all over and some do get into the flowers, this was a fun game. The prize here was a plastic magnifying glass for everyone. Now we were off to the Spider Web Cave. On the way to the Spider Web Cave, we encountered a Swiper Cut-out. We said "Swiper, no swiping" three times and all was well. In the cave was a blow-up spider and a web that I had made. This room was dimmly lite since caves are usually dark.

Two more games were played here.

(3.) Spider Web game- using string I wove a spider web (prior to the party), each string had a rectangle piece of cardboard at one end (start) and a prize at the finish end (a bug decorated tablet). During the party each child takes a piece of cardboard and winds the string onto it to find the prize. Because of the young age of our guests, this was a busy and hectic game, but the children and adult helpers had a great time with it even when we were all truly tangled up.

(4.) Bug Drop- In this game each child breaks a balloon with plastic bugs in them. NOTE: place bugs inside before blowing them up. This was a hit. Last since caves are dark places, one final favor was given to the children here, Glitter Globe flashlights. After all had their flashlight, we darkened the room and let the children dance around with them.

After several minutes, we were off to our final stop, the PARTY GARDEN. This room was decorated with a few more tissue paper flowers, pink, orange and yellow balloons, streamers, and ribbons. The tables had white, purple and yellow table covers. We also had cutouts of Dora, Isa, Benny, and Boots. Here we found the ladybug

(5. the piñata). All the children took turns to break the piñata open. Children received candy, and plastic ladybugs. Once the piñata was done. It was time for the food.

Our menu was hard or soft shell beef tacos with all the trimmings, salad with croutons and dressings, carrots and dip, tortillas and salsa, canned soda. For each child, we had straws labeled with stickers with their name. This helped to identify who each can belonged to. After the meal, we had birthday cake. The cake was made by a friend using the Dora Backpack cake directions from the Nick Jr. web site. It was adorable. Because I didn't want all the blow-up bugs that were used to decorate the party, I placed a bug sticker that matched each blow-up bug to the bottom of the cake plates.

After the children finished what they wanted of their cake, we checked the bottom of the plate. Each child with a sticker "won" the matching blow-up bug. I even sent the patch kits home with them. To keep the guests busy while my daughter opened her gifts, we played (6.)pass Boots the monkey. My friend played the Nick Jr. CD, when the music stopped the child holding Boots gave my daughter the gift they had brought. We had a good time and received many comments about all the work I put into the party, but it was fun and we will enjoy the memories for years to come.

In case anyone is wondering, we did use our church for the party. It provided the needed space to set up all the sites and to be inside since October weather is unpredictable. It rained on party day, but our locations were nice and dry and we had enough space too.

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