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Kim in Auburndale, Florida USA


July 2009


Special Mention

My daughter was turning 4 years old and wanted a baby doll birthday party.

DECORATIONS: Of course there was not baby doll party decorations available so, we had to be creative.  First of all I found polka dotted tableware. Used posterboard to create signs for all the activity areas. Colorful balloons and streamers.  

INVITATIONS: I then found polka dotted blank notecards that I turned into invitations.  Inside the invitations I had two pictures of my daughter holding her baby doll and both of them were dressed in matching polka dotted dresses. The invitation was a poem that I wrote inviting everyone to come to the party and bring their favorite baby doll or stuffed animal (because I had some boys).

The invitation read:  It is time to celebrate that I am turning four Being a little mommy¬Ě is what I adore So, a baby doll party is the perfect way to celebrate Saturday, April 4th at 11:00am will be the date Be sure to bring your favorite baby or stuffed animal along Which ever you choose you can not go wrong.

For those who do not have one to bring Don't worry I have plenty that's a sure thing I can't wait to see you and your baby for a day on the town At my house where the party can be found  RSVP with my mommy xxx-xxxx.  When arriving they entered the front door which had a sign that said welcome to (my child's nickname)ville.  

ACTIVITIES:  Once everyone arrived at the party, we gave each child a gift bag to use as a shopping bag (each had their name on the outside)with a shopping list attached to the outside of the bag and play money was enclosed.  We had many children who were my daughters age who could not read yet so, I put pictures on the shopping list also. We created 5 stores for them to visit.  At two of the stores we had cash registers and cashiers to check the children out.  My older daughter and her friend were my cashiers and they enjoyed this job.  The 1st store was a baby store that we named after my daughter that had diapers, blankets, doll outfits (purchased at dollar tree, and baby wipes. 

The next store was a jewelry store since my child was an April fools baby, we named the store Fools Jewels.  At this jewelry store they made two bracelets, one for them and one for their baby doll.  These were colorful beads and we precut the stretchy cord for them to be able to make them easier. They also picked out ring pops and candy necklaces too.  Next they could stop by the Photo Center which they had a picture taken with their baby doll.  Here we had strollers, play pens, etc for them to keep their babies busy while waiting for their picture. 

Next they went to the food store which was named after my daughter's nick name.  There they purchased fruit (plastic fruit filled with powder candy found at dollar tree), vegetables (it was around easter so, I found plastic carrots filled with candy), eggs (again easter time so, I was able to purchase the small egg cartons filled with candy eggs), chocolate candy bars, bowls of cherrios, plastic baby spoons, baby bottles(candy baby bottles you can purchase which are like fun dip, beans (jelly beans in individual boxes) etc. 

The last place to stop was the Little Blessings Adoption Center.  There they were able to choose a baby doll inside of a plastic carrier (purchased at dollar tree).  Once they choose their new baby they washed and cleaned their baby.  We had wash clothes, baby lotions, baby powders, washtub, brushes, etc.  Some children spent a long time just cleaning and combing their baby's hair.  They had to choose a name for their new baby.  I typed their new baby's name into a adoption certificate that I had previously created and printed it right then.   

SNACKS: After the shopping was complete we had pizza, chips, teddy grahams, juice, etc.  We had a picnic with our babies and ate our lunch.  

CAKE: For her birthday cake we used the small Wilton bear cake that was made into a little girl complete with pigtails and her dress matched my daughters polka dotted dress.  It was really cute and she loved it because it was just her size.  I made different colored cupcakes with confetti for the rest of the children and adults to enjoy.  

FAVORS: The favors were all of the items they purchased with their play money and their new adopted baby.

The party was a big hit with many of the children and we received a lot of compliments from the mom's too.  In all my daughter had a blast and she got the party she wanted to have. It was the best party ever to her and that is what counts.

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