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Disney Princess 6yr - Musical Crown Jewels




Angela in Pembroke Pines, Florida


November 2004


Runner Up

This party was for my daughter's 6th birthday and we had a Disney Princess Party. It required a lot of preparation but we all had a lot of  fun, and the best party we ever had.  After it was over, my daughter told me she had the time of her life!!!! Here are all the activities we did .

First I made invitations we found Princess Party sheets with Tiaras and rolled them like scrolls. Each invitation was addressed to Princess____ and a special pink ribbon with gold tag and we hand delivered to each princess. They read: Hear ye hear ye attention one and all. The fair Princess Gabriella's sixth year has come to call!  Princess ______you have been invited. The fair Princess Gabriella has requested your presence at her royal birthday banquet. The royal cook has prepared a feast of goodies for the celebration….there shall also be festivities including games, crafts and fun for all.  The celebration will start on Saturday, November 20th at 11am. Have your carriage arrive for you at 1:30 in the afternoon when the celebration commences.  The castle is located at ________Please come dressed in your most royal attire as your favorite Princess  (Royal crowns and wands will be provided).     Please RSVP no later than November 14, 2004 with the Queen Mom at ______ if you plan to attend this Royal gala…The castle needs to plan for your arrival. 

The entrance walkway we placed a red carpet and lined the walkway with pink/white and gold balloons to the front door.  The front door had sparkling white lights and more balloons (we had over 100) were placed at each side of the door.. We found a princess castle poster of all the princesses and put that one on of the doors along with a personalized banner WELCOME TO PRINCESS GABRIELLA'S CASTLE" it had pictures of all the disney princesses.  My husband then took a lot a cardboard boxes cut them, lay flat painted them, cut them to look like a castle and stapled them to the columuns of our home.  I then had two friends dress up like door men to check to see if the guest as they arrived were on the royal guest list.  (of course everyone was) while we had the Disney Princess music playing.  My husband and I dressed up like a king and queen even some of the parents dressed as princesses. 

Upon the princesses arrival into the castle we took a picture with the birthday girl on her ROYAL THRONE my husband made (these were sent out to the 1 hour photo and placed it in their jeweled frames as one of the party favors). We then led the princesses to the coloring book table.. Each princess had a personalized jeweled coloring book (all the Disney princesses taken off the internet) with crayons to color with while the other princesses arrived. Once all the princess arrived they went to the craft table and they all had a wood frame to decorate with colorful jewels (purchased from Oriental Trading) that were placed in a gold treasure box. This is where the picture we took was placed for them to take home. I printed personalized labels with that had a pink castle with each princess name and Princess Gabriella's 6th Birthday, November 20, 2004 placed at the back of the frame.

Once done with the frame we escorted the princesses to the make up room.. We set a vanity and mirror and applied sparkle nail polish and sparkle make-up to get ready for the banquet.

We also explained to the princesses that the Dragon came by in the middle of the night and laid "dragon eggs" (we used easter eggs) around the castle.. Each princess had to find the dragon eggs for they held treasures before they hatched. The girls had so much fun finding the eggs and opening them to find jeweled necklaces, rings and bracelets (Oriental Trading)to wear.

Once that was done we played MUSICAL CROWN JEWELS".  I set a pile of tiaras (we purchased the ones that light up) and set them around our table in a circle.  With one less tiara than there were children.  When the music starts the children walked around the table, not touching the table.  When the music stopped each princess put on a tiara, the child left without the tiara sat out and received a candy jewel ring. We continued the game until there was one person left.  The tiaras were awarded to all at the end  (these were also their party favors).

We then played  PASS THE POISON APPLE .. Like hot potato.. We had a red apple for everyone to pass.. The princess that was out received a red necklace.

We then told the princesses it was time for the ROYAL BANQUET. Before entering the banquet room each Princess handed a jeweled wand with beautiful ribbons. They were then escorted to their seat. The Royal Dining Room was closed off by pink and white satin fabric.  We also adorned the area with white draping lights.  We used a bubble machine to have bubbles going when they were being escorted to the royal banquet. Inside the banquet room each girls chair had 5 balloons (to take home) in pink/white/gold and a red heart shaped mylar balloon. I wrapped each chair with pink tulle and added sparkle jewels and made a bow. More pink/white and gold balloons were set in each corner.

The table was set with pink fabric and white irredescent shimmering fabric.. Sprinkled on the table was tons of iridescent jewels and pearls. The entire ceiling we placed spiral silver hanging swirls bought at the party store.  The rest of the room was lit with white draping Christmas lights.I placed "Disney Princess" theme plates on diamond shaped placed mats made out of pink card stock and put stick on jewels on each corner, champagne glasses were adorned with jewels the ROYAL GOBLETS for the "ROYAL PUNCH" (raspberry ginger ale)for each little princess to keep.

There on each plate sat a glass slipper (found at a bridal store) with their name Princess___ for the child to keep. A place setting fit for a queen. My daughter sat at the head of the table in her royal throne and backdrop and sparkling white lights(made by her dad). We had the "ROYAL TOAST" to Princess Gabriella and the princesses dined on chicken nuggets, dragon dogs (pigs in blanket) and french fries. We purchased a beautiful two tier Disney castle cake with each Disney princess at the window. All the girls could not wait to eat it..

We then sat in the "Royal Throne" room and opened presents and prepared their goody bags , white iridescent bags with jewels and pink and white sparkling ribbon that were personalized to each princess they contained the jeweled frames with the picture taken on the back personalized labels that said Thank you for coming to our enchanted castle to celebrate Princess Gabriella's 6th birthday.  We had a royal good time because you were there. Your gift was a grand addition to my royal collection. Thank You Princess Gabriella.

The princess coloring book and crayons, tiara, wand, princess jewelry, glass slipper, all the girls wanted to keep the jeweled champagne glass and Disney princess pencil of the princess they came dressed as.  Also they took home the balloons that were on their chair. Then their carriages came to pick them up..

Everone was so amazed and impressed with this party….all the Moms thanked me for working so hard and everything ran very smoothly…. All the princesses had so much fun..Hope you got some great ideas!!!!!Enjoy!!!

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