Disney Princess Party

Disney Princess -4yr- Park Pavillion Castle




Kellie in Middletown, Ohio, USA


May 2010


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 4th birthday party,

DECORATIONS: we turned a pavillion at a park into a castle. We took many cardboard boxes, taped them together, about 3 feet high, cut it out like bricks at the top, and wrapped the shelter at the bottom. At each post, we cut out towers and covered those up. We painted the boxes gray, outlined the bricks with black, and used a sponge roller with dark gray over the entire thing. (it looked amazing).

We then hung 3 different size silver stars a dozen each all around the shelter hanging with fishing wire from the ceiling. We blew up pink and purple balloons and made them into flowers, and hung as well from the ceiling.

I covered the picnic tables with pink plastic covers, we had pink/purple plates, napkins, cups, and silverware. I taped a princess/frogs coloring page (printed off my computer) to each setting, rotating the princesses with the frogs. Each table (6) had a bucket of crayons in the center. on each end of the table was 3 balloons, (pink/purple/green). we had a kiddie pool filled with water, and 12 frog beach balls. (all for the kids to take home at the end of the party)

FAVORS: Each child got a princess mug, a paper gold crown/tiara,fake rings and necklaces, frog sucker, 2 bags of frog gummies, and 4 gummy lips along with the frog beach ball.

ACTIVITIES:  During the party we played kiss the frog" (painted a frog on poster board hung it up on a tree made red/pink glitter lips out of another poster board and cut them out wrote each childs name in the center of the lips and we played it like "pin the tale on the donkey".

COSTUMES: Then we had my sister and sister in law arrive as cinderella and snow white! Bought the costumes from a costume shop

GAMES: Snow white played "pass the poison apple with the kids (like hot potato). Cinderella played "find my slipper" with the kids. We hid a silver glitter slipper and had the children help her find it. They loved it. Then each princess read their own story to the kids. We then did the cake and presents.

CAKE: the cake i ordered from Walmart a princess castle cake and a personal cinderella barbie cake for my daughter who also dressed as cindrella. Each little girl wore their own princess costume and each little boy wore prince attire. Each princess signed the children's coloring page so they had a keepsake as well as a photo with both princesses that I sent out with our thank you cards.

PARTY SNACKS: For the food we had finger sandwiches fruit kabobs and veggies. We made kool-aid in two flavors we had snow whites apple juice and cinderella's cider. The parents loved this as well as the kids. I also bought little wine glasses from ikea that each child got to drink from their "fancy cup".  This was a huge hit as we have done Shrek the 2nd birthday and tinkerbell the 3rd. But this one was the icing on the cake!

This is my last year to plan it for her as she is now going to tell me what she wants to do and where! :) so i went all out. In all I spent about 45.00 on decorations/party favors (orentialtrading.com) about 15.00 on the castle 43.00 on the cakes 30.00 in food/drinks and 60.00 in costumes.

I know it’s a bit much but well well worth it in the end. It made lasting memories for my daughter and the other children which are in all: priceless! "

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